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IN the era of star whistle­blow­ers such as Ju­lian As­sange and Ed­ward Snow­den and mas­sive leaks or re­leases of clas­si­fied, of­ten highly dis­turb­ing in­for­ma­tion, it is dif­fi­cult to sur­prise the pub­lic with dis­clo­sures about clan­des­tine ac­tiv­i­ties, past and present of gov­ern­ments, yet the book A Shin­ing City on a Hill, Novus Ordo Se­clo­rum by French scholar and in­ter­na­tional re­la­tions an­a­lyst Come Car­pen­tier de Gour­don, a long-stand­ing part-time res­i­dent of In­dia makes, in a highly read­able, sus­pense­ful man­ner, a num­ber of stun­ning as­ser­tions which he backs with a wealth of pub­lished and un­pub­lished doc­u­ments and with tes­ti­monies from high-level wit­nesses. The book con­tains an ac­count of the au­thor’s first months in Colorado, in the Rocky Moun­tains in the 1980s. He calls it a biovel as he nar­rates in a lively man­ner the many meet­ings and ex­pe­ri­ences he had with of­ten em­i­nent peo­ple who en­light­ened him about var­i­ous se­cret and of­ten un­sa­vory as­pects and episodes of Amer­ica’s re­cent his­tory and about hid­den mech­a­nisms and forces that op­er­ate be­hind the façade of democ­racy. A vast range of is­sues is cov­ered, go­ing from the days when the Repub­lic was founded on the ba­sis of com­bined Chris­tian, Greek philo­soph­i­cal and Ma­sonic Oc­cultist ideas, to the era of the global Amer­i­can em­pire fol­low­ing the Sec­ond World War, when a tri­umphant mil­i­tary and a sprawl­ing na­tional se­cu­rity ap­pa­ra­tus, al­lied with huge busi­ness cor­po­ra­tions and banks be­came hege­monic by re­in­forc­ing their in­flu­ence on the coun­try’s do­mes­tic and for­eign poli­cies. The au­thor does not en­gage in a schol­arly study but pro­vides numer­ous pub­lished references for those who wish to know more and draw their own con­clu­sions. De Gour­don writes as an ob­server, col­lect­ing and re­flect­ing the in­formed opin­ions and views of the many peo­ple he came in con­tact with or learnt about with dur­ing his stay. From Ben Franklin to Steve Jobs, from Dwight Eisen­hower to Ge­orge HW Bush, from Abra­ham Lin­coln to David and Nel­son Rock­e­feller, from Ayn Rand to Marilyn Mon­roe, from Ralph W Emer­son to Edgar Poe among many oth­ers, well known and not so well known, alive or long de­parted, the book weaves the tapestry of the Amer­i­can na­tion through dis­clo­sures and anec­dotes. Dis­cus­sions about the mass trans­fers of Nazi sci­en­tists to the US, the trans­fer of nu­clear tech­nol­ogy to the USSR, the Cold War, sub­ver­sions of for­eign gov­ern­ments, il­le­gal wars, the as­sas­si­na­tions of the Kennedy broth­ers and of other fa­mous fig­ures may not re­veal many new facts to those who have al­ready in­formed them­selves about th­ese sto­ries but there is a lot more that comes to light as the au­thor car­ries on his in­ves­ti­ga­tion among ex­perts and wit­nesses who bol­ster wide­spread sus­pi­cions of drug traf­fick­ing and gun run­ning by cer­tain State agen­cies. The ex­is­tence of a ma­jor, omi­nous mys­tery at the core of the US `deep state’, be­comes in­creas­ingly prob­a­ble, as tes­ti­monies, doc­u­ments and cir­cum­stan­tial proofs con­firm and cor­rob­o­rate each other, leav­ing the reader with lit­tle room to re­ject the con­clu­sion to which the book leads, to wit cer­tain sec­tors and agen­cies of the USA have been aware of and in con­tact with one or sev­eral highly ad­vanced and pow­er­ful en­ti­ties which have played a covert but crit­i­cal role in earthly af­fairs for a very long pe­riod of time. Decades­long of­fi­cious and clan­des­tine in­ter­ac­tion with those forces ac­count in part for the ex­plo­sion of tech­no­log­i­cal in­ven­tions and ad­vances that we have ex­pe­ri­enced since World War II. In the In­dian tra­di­tional con­text, how­ever, would such a dis­clo­sure not give re­newed rel­e­vance to the cos­mo­log­i­cal in­sights pro­vided by the Vedas, Pu­ranas et al. about devas, asuras and such, hith­erto re­garded by the `sci­en­tif­i­cally minded’ as mere mytho­log­i­cal imag­in­ings or sym­bols? In ret­ro­spect, movies such as Close En­coun­ters or Star Wars and of TV se­ries like The X Files may be closer to the `clas­si­fied` re­al­ity than most peo­ple sus­pect, ac­cord­ing to this `re­mark­able, orig­i­nal, au­da­cious and dis­turb­ing… but ex­tremely read­able book’.

Ti­tle: A Shin­ing City On A Hill Au­thor: Come Car­pen­tier de Gour­don Pub­lisher: Har-Anand Pub­li­ca­tions, 2018 Price: ` 795.00 Pages: 283

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