Sylvia Chen,

Na­tional Brand Am­bas­sador, Wella Care & Style

Hair - - Colour Mania -

“Colour block­ing as a tech­nique of hair colour is go­ing to be big this sea­son and it is also a per­sonal favourite. This hair colour tech­nique in­volves the place­ment of colours in dif­fer­ent geo­met­ric shapes such as tri­an­gle, rect­an­gle, etc. If you go for the tri­an­gu­lar pat­tern, the colour can be placed de­pend­ing on where you want it to be ac­cen­tu­ated. When the hair colour is placed un­der­neath lay­ers of hair, it can give you two looks. When you open the hair, you only get glimpses of the colour with move­ment. But, once you tie up your hair into a pony or bun, the en­tire colour pat­tern is re­vealed. Th­ese shapes can be placed di­ag­o­nally, ver­ti­cally or hor­i­zon­tally. The hair colour can be per­son­alised to meet in­di­vid­ual client’s needs and hair type. Colour block­ing is all about cre­at­ing max­i­mum im­pact with min­i­mal hair colour, so we use bright colours, which bring out the best of the nat­u­ral base.”

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