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Born on Septem­ber 30, the su­per­tal­ented Sneha Kapoor, Owner, Sneha Kapoor’s In­sti­tute For The Per­form­ing Arts, who also played one of the lead roles in the pop­u­lar TV show Dil Dosti Dance, says, “Since the time I was re­ally young, I’ve al­ways felt a very strong pull to­wards art, and there’s prob­a­bly a ‘Li­braArt’ con­nec­tion some­where. The two things I can­not live with­out is my fam­ily and dance. As a typ­i­cal Li­bran, what I look for in life is bal­ance. I am a so­cial per­son but never overdo it, so here again I main­tain a bal­ance; it hap­pens nat­u­rally. I thank my stars to be born as a Li­bran, as there’s this ir­re­sistible pull that I have to­wards var­i­ous forms of art, and it fu­els my hap­pi­ness.”

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