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Q What­ever the sea­son, I have su­per dry lips. I keep ap­ply­ing a lip balm ev­ery twenty min­utes. The worst part is that when I ap­ply a lip­stick, the cracks be­come more vis­i­ble. Al­though I’ve started drink­ing more wa­ter, the prob­lem still per­sists.

– Anushka

A Chapped lips are both un­sightly and painful. Avoid lick­ing your lips as saliva causes ex­cess dry­ness. Try flu­o­ride-free tooth­pastes, un­fla­vored lip balms and prac­tice breath­ing through the nose rather than mouth. Ap­ply al­mond oil on your lips and keep it overnight. Make a home­made lip balm by blend­ing honey, rose petals, malai and few drops of co­conut oil and ap­ply it reg­u­larly.

Q I wax once ev­ery month. What I can’t seem to get rid of is the in­growth. I have a large num­ber of red spots, es­pe­cially around the calf area, and they look re­ally ugly. What could I do to have those smooth, flaw­less legs?

– Tas­neem

A Chicken skin or fol­li­culi­tis or in­grown hair hap­pens when the sharp tip of the hair curls back into the skin and stays em­bed­ded. The red­ness around the hair fol­li­cle sug­gests an in­fec­tion or ir­ri­tated skin, which hap­pens when you shave too closely or shave against the di­rec­tion of the hair or don’t stretch the skin while wax­ing. Per­ma­nent hair re­moval with an in­tense pulsed light laser will show dras­tic re­sults in just a sin­gle sit­ting. Avoid over-scrub­bing your skin. Use an­ti­sep­tic soaps and don’t wear clothes that are tight-fit­ting or syn­thetic. Mix ap­ple cider vine­gar and wa­ter in equal parts and spray it on the af­fected area. Fol­low it up with a warm co­conut oil mas­sage for smooth, flaw­less legs.

Q I have ex­actly ten min­utes be­fore the mir­ror ev­ery morn­ing. Sadly, all I do is ap­ply sun­screen, kohl and a lip balm, all of which van­ishes by the time I reach of­fice. Could you give me some quick, long-last­ing make-up tips to look at­trac­tive through the day?

– Beatrice

A For a quick ten-minute makeover for you of­fice, use a DD cream. Af­ter blend­ing it into your skin, brighten up your com­plex­ion by swip­ing a blusher on your cheeks and nose. Add depth to your eyes by us­ing kohl on your up­per and lower lash line and smudged it out.

Elon­gate your lashes and open up your eyes in­stantly with a length­en­ing mas­cara. Ditch the lip liner and lip­stick rou­tine. In­stead, use a kiss-proof long-last­ing lip­stick to en­hance your pout, and add a hint of gloss to make it feel fresh. Round off the look by mist­ing a make-up fixer to seal your ef­forts.

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