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Beauty: Dr Blos­som Kochhar, Chair­per­son, Blos­som Kochhar Beauty Prod­ucts Pvt. Ltd., shares, “The face of Li­brans speaks of el­e­gance and so­phis­ti­ca­tion. The high­light of their fea­tures is their mouth and teeth, so a beau­ti­ful lip colour is es­sen­tial. Soft smoky eyes, along with a deep nude lip colour, give the per­fect un­der­stated yet glam­orous look to them. Another look that works well with Li­brans is an over­all nude warm look, with a glow on the face. Since Libra is an air sign, all shades of pink flat­ter them. For Li­brans, the use of a strong colour in an all neu­tral look can work well.” She adds, “Rose, laven­der, blue and teal are colours that Li­brans can ex­per­i­ment with. As the sign de­picts, ‘bal­ance’ is al­ways very im­por­tant for them.”

Hair: Dr Kochhar elab­o­rates on their hair and styling pref­er­ence. “The ideal style for a Li­bran woman should be a sim­ple and clas­sic hair­style, with a twist. A good-look­ing, suit­able cas­cade hair­cut for medium-length hair, with high­light­ing or tran­si­tion from high to dark shades, can also suit them. Short hair­styles suit Li­bran women, who like ‘no fuss’ styles. They also look gor­geous with long hair and bangs cut to skim their eyes, mak­ing the most of their high cheek bones and full lips.”

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