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Your grand­mother has passed this on to your mother, and your mother on to you. All through your childhood, oil­ing has played an im­por­tant role in your hair­care regime. Yes, our ex­perts agree with this lit­tle se­cret, though with a few changes. Shirin says, “If you have oiled your hair, make sure it doesn’t stay on your hair for more than one night. Your scalp needs to breathe, and the oil (along with the dirt and grime) on your scalp tends to clog the pores. This is an ideal sit­u­a­tion for the bac­te­ria to grow on your scalp, caus­ing prob­lems such as dan­druff, hair fall and the like.” Ac­cord­ing to Placid, oil­ing the hair is a fault. He says, “Oil is meant for the scalp, not the locks. If you use ex­cess oil on your hair think­ing that it will make your hair softer, you are mis­taken. The ex­cess oil sim­ply sits on your locks, leav­ing you to wash it off with sham­poo about two or three times. This isn’t suited for your hair, as sham­poo­ing twice strips the hair of its nat­u­ral oils, leav­ing it dry, and de­feats the pur­pose of oil­ing.”

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