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Hair - - Wedding Bells Are Ringing - Dr Apoorva Shah and Dr Sonal Shah, In­dia’s first cer­ti­fied tri­chol­o­gists, give you all the hair­care ad­vice you need.

qI had straight­ened my hair six months ago, and it looks like the job wasn’t done very pro­fes­sion­ally. I’m suf­fer­ing from a lot of hair breakage. Can you sug­gest an im­me­di­ate so­lu­tion? ~ Tanaya

Opt for a hair oil mas­sage at least three times a week. Use a suit­able hair con­di­tioner and a serum af­ter ev­ery wash. Comb your hair with a wooden comb to lessen hair breakage. Tri­choscalp treat­ment once a week will def­i­nitely help to re­duce the ill-ef­fects of chem­i­cals by detox­i­fy­ing the scalp, thereby re­duc­ing hair breakage.

qA hec­tic rou­tine and ir­reg­u­lar eat­ing habits have let to a large amount of hair loss. Are there any treat­ments that you would ad­vice for healthy tresses? ~ Vinita

Stress is the ma­jor cause for hair fall. Deep breath­ing ex­er­cises and power yoga will cer­tainly help to elim­i­nate this prob­lem.

qI’ve ob­served that since I’ve started colour­ing my hair, the num­ber of grey strands have in­creased. Please help! ~ Ji­nal

This re­ally de­pends on your age. You could treat your­self to cer­tain treat­ments only be­fore you are 30. The in­crease is grey strands could be be­cause colour­ing stresses your hair. If you are com­fort­able, switch to henna, which is a nat­u­ral way of cam­ou­flag­ing white hair. Fol­low a hair­care regime once a week and use a con­di­tioner and a serum af­ter ev­ery wash.

qI’m suf­fer­ing from hair fall. I keep see­ing strands ev­ery­where — from my hair­brush to my bath­room floor. I’m just about to get mar­ried and it’s re­ally em­bar­rass­ing. Please sug­gest a so­lu­tion. ~ Shruti

For shiny, lus­trous tresses, it is also im­por­tant to eat well. First and fore­most, get an ac­cu­rate di­ag­no­sis done. Drink at least three litres of wa­ter per day. Oil your scalp three times a week for healthy­look­ing hair.

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