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The ben­e­fits of aloe vera have been known for ages. BRINDA GILL goes a step fur­ther and gives you a unique blend of aloe vera gel and jo­joba oil for hy­drated and fresh-look­ing skin.

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Two good to be true

It is said that an abid­ing faith in God, a sim­ple and fru­gal life­style and aloe vera sus­tained Ma­hatma Gandhi dur­ing his long fasts. While some well­ness spe­cial­ists rec­om­mend drink­ing aloe vera juice for good health, the light, al­most-colour­less gel sourced from the pulp of fleshy leaves of the hardy aloe vera plant has long been a pop­u­lar top­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tion for skin ail­ments. Add a dash of jo­joba oil to aloe vera gel and you have a quick ef­fec­tive blend that works won­ders on the skin.

amaz­ing at­tributes

Top­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tion of aloe vera is said to soothe, moisturise, nour­ish and heal the skin, mak­ing it soft, sup­ple and help­ing to even skin tone. His­tory speaks of the leg­endary war­rior Alexan­der hav­ing cart­loads of aloe vera plants be­ing car­ried along his cam­paigns to en­sure a sup­ply of fresh gel for war­riors to ben­e­fit from its anti-in­flam­ma­tory prop­er­ties.

“Aloe vera con­tains over 75 known ac­tive ingredients, 19 of the 20 amino acids re­quired by the hu­man body, 7 of the 8 es­sen­tial amino acids that the body can­not make as well as vi­ta­mins, min­er­als and use­ful en­zymes. It im­proves the skin’s abil­ity to hy­drate it­self, aids in the re­moval of dead skin, ac­tively re­pairs dam­aged skin, helps slow down the ap­pear­ance of wrin­kles and has an ef­fec­tive pen­e­trat­ing abil­ity that helps trans­port healthy sub­stances through the skin,” says Dr Parashu­ram Singh, Co- Founder & Head, R&D, Vedic Nat­u­ral Care Pri­vate Limited.

Jo­joba oil, which is ac­tu­ally liq­uid wax ex­tracted from the seeds of the jo­joba plant that is a desert shrub, is also an­other fan­tas­tic in­gre­di­ent. The oil has ex­cel­lent cleans­ing and nour­ish­ing prop­er­ties. In­ter­est­ingly, jo­joba oil’s struc­ture is sim­i­lar to the skin’s se­bum, an oily sub­stance se­creted by the se­ba­ceous glands that pre­vents skin from dry­ing. Due to this, it has a nat­u­ral affin­ity to the skin and is eas­ily ab­sorbed by it without clog­ging the pores. “Jo­joba oil is com­pletely mis­ci­ble with se­bum. When ap­plied on the skin, it forms a very thin, non-greasy lipoid layer with the skin’s se­bum, which bal­ances se­bum pro­duc­tion, pre­vents de­hy­dra­tion of the skin, pro­tects and nourishes the skin, and pre­vents wrin­kles and acne. Ex­cess se­bum can how­ever cause acne,” adds Dr Singh.

An ef­fec­tive blend

Pure jo­joba oil and aloe vera are avail­able for use for skin­care and are used in spa ex­pe­ri­ences; the two plant ingredients also fig­ure in skin prod­ucts that blend dif­fer­ent ben­e­fi­cial ingredients. They also work very well to­gether. Jo­joba oil is an ef­fec­tive car­rier, and as both jo­joba oil and aloe vera have an abil­ity to, are light and blend eas­ily, they work to­gether to nour­ish the skin. Their blend is suit­able for all skin types, even young and ma­ture skins. The blend cleans and shrinks pores, nourishes the skin, re­moves blem­ishes and is ef­fec­tive in treat­ing skin con­di­tions such as acne and pig­men­ta­tion. Both ingredients can be eas­ily stored and mixed to­gether when needed.

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