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Hair - - October - By Mon­isha Singh Du­daney

It’s on the cards


Your tarot card is ‘The Page of Swords’, de­pict­ing a time to make im­por­tant and wise decisions. Go­ing with the flow gives you more time to con­tem­plate on se­ri­ous mat­ters. Many of you will in­vest in pro­tein treat­ments and head mas­sages to keep your hair healthy. A good way to keep your en­ergy and spir­its will be to eat six to seven small healthy meals that in­clude sal­ads and fruit juices. Love life is happy as both you and your part­ner give qual­ity time to your re­la­tion­ship. Tip of the month: A trendy hair­cut is sure to shoo away the blues.


Your tarot card is ‘The Five of Wands’. De­spite daunt­ing ca­reer chal­lenges, you han­dle com­pe­ti­tion ad­mirably. You may con­sider a change of hair colour or style to go with a closet re­vamp. A re­viv­i­fy­ing spa man­i­cure and pedi­cure is sure to lift your spir­its. Some of you may travel across time-zones and con­ti­nents, so keep­ing your skin hy­drated and get­ting enough sleep is ad­vised. Love life is calm and peace­ful as your fam­ily and friends give you the warmth you need. Tip of the month: Al­ways use heat pro­tec­tion prod­ucts for your hair be­fore styling it.


Your tarot card is ‘The Ten of Wands’, de­pict­ing a time of hard work. Pro­fes­sion­ally, you are ready to think through your op­por­tu­ni­ties and a spec­u­la­tive ven­ture re­quires care­ful thought and cau­tion, as all is un­sta­ble. Some of you may go for the low pony­tail this sea­son. Small hair ac­ces­sories will ef­fec­tively draw out new styles. Buy­ing eye colours and lip­sticks in deep plum or red will help you stay trendy this sea­son. With plenty of ro­man­tic op­por­tu­ni­ties around, one par­tic­u­lar con­nec­tion will in­spire your heart. Tip of the month: Blue is the new black. Wear it to make a stun­ning party en­trance!


Your tarot card is the ‘The Lovers’. Pro­fes­sion­ally, it seems like an un­set­tling month and you may not be able to an­tic­i­pate the changes. Some of you may in­vest in pop shades for your wardrobe. Ac­ces­sories such as belts, bags and even hair clips will quickly up the trendi­ness of your style. Per­fumes and bath splashes in strong and ba­sic flavours of vanilla, laven­der or mint will en­hance your beauty shelves. Love life gets more ex­cit­ing as your mate makes plans for many a ro­man­tic ren­dezvous. Tip of the month: Be­gin blow-dry­ing when your hair is 80 per cent dry to keep it healthy.


Your tarot card is ‘The King of Swords’, de­pict­ing a time of much needed strength. A blend of ide­al­ism and self-as­sur­ance will help you re­alise your goals. Try­ing new hair colours will be on the agenda. A jew­elled or an­i­mal print clutch will en­hance your evening wardrobe. Drink­ing lot of wa­ter and juices will sus­tain your en­ergy lev­els through the fes­tive sea­son. A hol­i­day or a week­end get­away will bring in the re­quired spark to your love life. Tip of the month: Out­line your lips with a lip liner to make your lip colour last longer.


Your tarot card is ‘The Page of Cups’, in­di­cat­ing a time of many changes. At work, a com­bi­na­tion of in­tel­lect-with-charm will help you weave magic. Avoid im­pos­ing your high stan­dards on oth­ers as you may en­counter resistance. Clean­ing up the clut­ter in your closet is on the cards. In­dulging in evening clutches or a gag­gle of ban­gles to cheer up your wardrobe is a good idea. Fi­nances are sta­ble and you may gift your­self a new phone or even a car. Love life is charm­ing as you get all the at­ten­tion. Tip of the month: Un­cut di­a­monds and kun­dan jew­ellery will help you en­hance your style.


Your tarot card is ‘The Four Of Cups’, de­pict­ing a time of in­tro­spec­tion and ac­tion. Some of you will ex­per­i­ment with the length of your hair, and a visit to a new stylist/ ex­pert may be well worth the money spent. Your closet may de­mand some bling to keep up with the party sea­son. A visit to the spa for a deep tis­sue mas­sage or a skin ex­fo­li­a­tion ses­sion will keep your sprits up­beat and your skin glow­ing. With kind­ness and love, you can have the re­la­tion­ship of your dreams. Tip of the month: Small meals through­out the day will help you look your best.


Your tarot card is ‘The Two of Pen­ta­cles’, in­di­cat­ing im­mi­nent change and move­ment. If not a change in the work­place, then a course in study/re­search or travel could def­i­nitely be on the hori­zon. Some of you may al­ter your hair­style much to the sur­prise of friends and fam­ily. Bold lip colours and eye shades in minty greens and perky blues may high­light your face struc­ture. Fi­nances maybe a roller­coaster ride as you be­gin re­do­ing your home/of­fice space but the high ex­pen­di­ture will be worth it. Love life is pleas­ant as your mate is ex­tremely warm. Tip of the month: An ap­ple a day will keep your skin healthy and glow­ing.


Your tarot card is ‘The Eight of Pen­ta­cles’, de­pict­ing hard work and a phase of new learn­ings. Get a trim to keep your hair look­ing chic and neat. Some of you may in­vest in a pair of ear­rings, a bracelet or a watch that you’ve de­sired for a while. A day off at the spa once a week will help you de-stress. Some of you may con­sult a pro­fes­sional di­eti­cian to help you bal­ance your meals. Fi­nances stay healthy as many of you in­vest in sav­ing schemes. Qual­ity time with fam­ily and friends helps strengthen the bonds. Tip of the month: Cleanse your skin be­fore you sleep and ap­ply a night cream.


Your tarot card is ‘The Two of Swords’, in­di­cat­ing a time to take ac­tion. The month brings with it in­trigu­ing ideas and equally in­ter­est­ing peo­ple. You may show off your jaw line with a stylish crop. Ex­ten­sions in bright colours or even a coloured fringe will change your look in­stantly. In­dulging in mas­caras of dif­fer­ent colours and a bright red lip­stick might be a good idea. Fi­nances will rise to the oc­ca­sion and many of you will in­dulge in lux­u­ries for you­self and your loved ones. Love life will bloom with cosy lunches, din­ners and more. Tip of the month: Lim­ber up with yoga to re­con­nect with your in­ner self.


Your tarot card is ‘The Knight of Wands’, in­di­cat­ing a need to move around and use your en­ergy pro­duc­tively. Brain­storm­ing and ideat­ing ses­sions will help put to­gether a bril­liant plan for many of you. Large size belts, lay­ered chains, stacked ban­gles and a new bag may help you re­ju­ve­nate your wardrobe. Af­ter shower per­fumes and foot scrubs will help you kick­start your day on a per­fect note. Money is con­stantly rolling in and you put it to good use with mul­ti­ple and var­ied in­vest­ments. If sin­gle, your friends will play cupid. Tip of the month: Be­gin your day with a cup of hot wa­ter to detox and keep your skin glow­ing.


Your tarot card is “The Ma­gi­cian” de­pict­ing a fruit­ful phase ahead. Co-work­ers and se­niors may de­mand more out of you than be­fore, but you will de­liver on ev­ery front. Big hair is the need of the hour and you crimp, style and it to keep up with the trend. Em­bel­lished jack­ets in bro­cades, blouses in tex­tured fab­rics and plenty of prints will be the new buys for your closet. Ex­er­cis­ing twice a week will help you stay fit and in shape. Fi­nances are good. Love life is play­ful as your mate brings you fun sur­prises. Tip of the month: Make sure you get eight hours of sleep ev­ery night.

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