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Ev­ery face has to suf­fer the bane of one or the other skin prob­lem. In this se­ries of ar­ti­cles writ­ten by ex­perts, we get you the right an­swers to re­lieve you of your skin snags. This month’s fo­cus is on un­der-eye dark cir­cles.

Hair - - October - Text Dr Deepali Bhard­waj

Cut the cir­cle

U nder-eye dark cir­cles are a mis­ery not only for the per­son who has them but for the doc­tors, too! Since the un­der-eye skin is del­i­cate and thin, it’s not easy to re­move the pig­ment from there. Be­fore you in­vest in ex­pen­sive un­der-eye creams, you need to un­der­stand the cause be­hind your con­di­tion. Here is a list of causes for un­der-eye dark cir­cles that pri­mar­ily in­di­cate if they can be treated or not.


If ei­ther of your par­ents is suf­fer­ing from dark cir­cles and you have in­her­ited it as a type of in­creased pig­ment around eyes, it is not treat­able.

Poor night rest:

This is most com­mon cause, es­pe­cially amongst the com­pu­t­er­driven youths. Al­ways re­mem­ber that 6-7 hours of good sleep daily is manda­tory for healthy skin and body. Hence, this cause is com­pletely treat­able.

Skin shadow:

Given the In­dian bone struc­ture, many of us have sunken eyes, wherein there is a shadow effect around the eyes. If you have this prob­lem, it’s best to skip cover-the-counter creams and con­sult a der­ma­tol­o­gist for a der­mal filler in­jec­tion. This con­di­tion can also be treated with cer­tain home reme­dies.


This is an­other com­mon cause for un­der-eye dark cir­cles. The body lev­els of haemoglobin aren’t suf­fi­cient to con­firm this de­fi­ciency and hence S-Fer­ritin and S-TIBC lev­els should be checked, be­fore con­sult­ing an ex­pert. The med­i­cal treat­ments that I prac­tice for un­der-eye dark cir­cles are der­mal filler in­jec­tions with Resty­lane or Juve­d­erm to tackle the shadow effect; and chem­i­cal peels such as lac­tic and man­delic agents to treat chronic eye cir­cles. I also rec­om­mend sup­ple­ment­ing iron in­take, good sleep, in­creased wa­ter con­sump­tion and reg­u­lar use of sun­screen.

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