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The bee­hive bouf­fant: Nikhil Sharma, Sebastian De­sign Artist gives us his take on the trend. “A bee­hive bouf­fant is a big­ger, more ex­ag­ger­ated ver­sion of the bouf­fant. It can be tied up or let loose de­pend­ing on the mood or the time of the day. You can achieve this look by ei­ther back-brush­ing or a hair stuff­ing. What­ever the case, a bouf­fant can re­ally make a dra­matic state­ment. It ex­poses your face shape and your fea­tures such as your eyes and cheek­bones, so the right make-up can make or break your look. Al­most ev­ery celebrity has been spot­ted wear­ing a bee­hive bouf­fant on the red car­pet. But only a few such as Kim Kar­dashian, Jen­nifer Lopez, Nicki Mi­naj, Bey­once and Aish­warya Rai have worn it with ease. Start by sep­a­rat­ing the top sec­tion of the hair and tease it from the roots to the mid-lengths. You can go all out with back-brush­ing for the rest of your hair, de­pend­ing on how big you want the bouf­fant. Flip the hair back and gen­tly brush the top sec­tion to make it smooth. Use gen­er­ous amount of hair­spray to se­cure the shape. You can pull the sides up and pin or curl the hair at the bot­tom to cre­ate more tex­ture. Wear a hair­band over the crown to cre­ate the ’60s look. Another way to cre­ate vol­ume is to just pin a hair stuff­ing on the crown and wear the hair over it.”

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