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Hair fol­li­cles con­tain pig­ment cells called melanocytes that work with ker­atinocytes (ker­atin-pro­duc­ing cells) to give colour to the hair. As we age, both th­ese type of cells be­come less func­tional and even­tu­ally die. Thus, grey­ing sets in. Lack of nat­u­ral pro­tein also makes the hair dull, brit­tle, less elas­tic and weak.

You need to start pack­ing your diet with pro­tein. It should in­clude sprouts, ce­re­als, whole grains, soy, eggs and meat. Th­ese will make up for the di­min­ish­ing pro­tein in your hair. Con­sume vitamin A present in green veg­eta­bles, and yel­low and orange fruits to main­tain shine; vitamin B through yo­gurt, bananas and toma­toes to reg­u­late the se­cre­tion of nat­u­ral oil, and min­er­als such as iron and zinc from meat, dried apri­cots, pars­ley and seafood to en­sure strong roots and healthy hair.

Dr Apoorva Shah says, “Tak­ing pro­tein sup­ple­ments has also shown great re­sults. At Rich­feel, we have a spe­cial sup­ple­ment called Pro­tein that helps in stop­ping or slow­ing down the grey­ing process.”

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