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Black, white and red se­same seeds are avail­able, each of which has its own mer­its, with the cal­cium-rich white seeds be­ing most pop­u­lar in cuisines. Both se­same oil and seeds can be used for top­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tion as they nour­ish the skin and make it soft and sup­ple. The seeds may be soaked, ground and used as a paste to ex­fo­li­ate the skin. A poul­tice of se­same seeds can be ap­plied to soothe the skin, mus­cles and joints. “Se­same oil is good for the skin as it con­tains vi­ta­mins such as E and K,” says Dr Blos­som Kochhar, Chair­per­son, Blos­som Kochhar Beauty Prod­ucts Pvt Ltd. “While se­same oil is very good for mas­sage, a paste of seeds makes for an ef­fec­tive scrub. The oil and paste are ben­e­fi­cial for young and ma­ture skin, and nor­mal to dry skin. They should not be used on oily skin as se­same seeds con­tain oil.”

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