Hair re­pair Q&A with Dr Sonal and Dr Apoorva Shah

Your route to per­fect hair ev­ery day.

Hair - - Editor's Letter - Dr Apoorva Shah and Dr Sonal Shah, In­dia’s first cer­ti­fied tri­chol­o­gists, give you all the hair­care ad­vice you need.

Q I have thick, dense hair, but it’s ex­tremely lack­lus­tre. What can I do to make it soft and shiny? ~ Rochelle

Hair re­flects the in­ner health of our body. Dry and lus­tre­less hair could mean any­thing from min­eral de­fi­ciency to hor­monal im­bal­ance. Fol­low a healthy diet and a proper hair­care regime. Con­di­tion your tresses af­ter ev­ery hair­wash and ap­ply a serum that suits your hair best.

Q I suf­fer from dan­druff through­out the year. I have tried all kinds of Ayurvedic treat­ments to cure it, but noth­ing helps. ~ Ar­chana

Dan­druff is a gen­er­alised term un­der which there are many dis­or­ders — pso­ri­a­sis, pityr­i­a­sis rosea, amente­cia, se­b­or­rhea sicca, se­b­or­rhoea oleosa and der­mati­tis, to name a few. While ex­ter­nal ap­pli­ca­tions will help re­duce it tem­po­rar­ily, capil­loscopy will aid in di­ag­nos­ing your con­di­tion and find­ing a per­ma­nent cure for it.

Q I used to have long, shiny tresses, which have be­come ex­tremely brit­tle in the last few months, even though I’ve never sub­jected them to any kind of chem­i­cal treat­ments. What could be the rea­son? ~ Ketki

Dry­ness and brit­tle­ness are signs of cer­tain dis­or­ders. Even though you have not sub­jected your hair to chem­i­cal treat­ments, still de­fi­cien­cies can oc­cur to make it brit­tle. Consult a tri­chol­o­gist, as tri­cho­anal­y­sis and capil­loscopy will help to di­ag­nose the prob­lem.

Q My scalp is ex­tremely oily, even af­ter a hair­wash. What can I do to add bounce to my tresses? ~ Rad­hika

Oily scalp needs fre­quent wash­ing. Use a mild scalp cleanser daily and avoid us­ing a con­di­tioner or a serum on reg­u­lar ba­sis. An oily scalp could also mean any­thing from a nutritional de­fi­ciency to ma­jor hor­monal dis­or­ders. Coun­sult a doc­tor to find a per­ma­nent cure for this prob­lem.

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