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ISHIKA TANEJA, in­ter­na­tional make-up ex­pert and Ex­ec­u­tive Di­rec­tor, The Alps Group, solves all your skin and make-up trou­bles.

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Ishika Taneja solves all your skin trou­bles

Q I sleep for seven hours ev­ery day and in­dulge in a spa fa­cial once in two weeks, yet fail to get rid of my dark cir­cles. Is there any other so­lu­tion?

– Re­vati

A The rea­sons could be many — from hered­i­tary fac­tors to nutritional de­fi­cien­cies. A healthy dose of vi­ta­mins, iron and folic acid would be of a great help. Mas­sage your peep­ers in cir­cu­lar mo­tion with al­mond oil, be­fore go­ing to bed. In the morn­ing, use cooled tea bags on your eyes to take away the puffi­ness. Po­tato with tomato juice is a mir­a­cle mix­ture for un­der eye dark cir­cles. Q I’m 40 years old and have re­cently started notic­ing age spots, es­pe­cially around my hand and neck area. Will they in­crease over a pe­riod of time? How do I get rid of them?

– Sim­ran

A Pig­men­ta­tion around neck and hands sug­gests hor­monal dis­tur­bance, on­set of menopause, di­a­betes or iron or folic acid de­fi­ciency. I would rec­om­mend you to know the root cause of the prob­lem. Get your blood tested. Gen­er­ous in­take of green leafy veg­eta­bles, va­ri­ety of fruits and 12 glasses of wa­ter a day is a must. Ap­ply grated raw pa­paya mixed with yo­gurt and alo­ev­era gel. Reg­u­lar col­la­gen masks and sal­i­cylic peels will show in­stant re­sults.

Q My skin is ex­tremely oily be­cause of which I’m un­able to ap­ply any make-up. My face be­comes so messy within a cou­ple of hours. Are there any spe­cial prod­ucts that you would rec­om­mend?

– Sneha

A For a mess-free makeover, wash your face with an oil con­trol face­wash. Rub ice for a minute to close down the pores. Tone your skin and guard it from bac­te­ria with an as­trin­gent. Prep your face with a matte ef­fect pre-base. Use souf­flé foun­da­tion or a com­pact for even skin tone. Avoid cream blushes at all costs. Seal the make-up with a make-up fixer. Blot­ting pa­pers are your best friends, so keep them handy.

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