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While an hour at a gym or jog­ging track will help your body, it may not be as good for your hair and scalp. Sylvia Chen, Owner and Cre­ative Stylist, But­ter­fly Pond, tells you six things you must re­mem­ber:

1. Af­ter a car­dio work­out, it’s ideal to sham­poo and con­di­tion. If pressed for time, blast-dry the scalp with cold air and then spritz some dry sham­poo. 2. Plan your hair­wash days such that they co­in­cide with heavy work­outs. 3. Pull your hair back dur­ing work­outs. If you have long hair, tie a low pony­tail or braid. 4. Don’t use styling prod­ucts just be­fore a work­out as they could give you an itchy scalp. 5. Use a towel or tis­sue pa­per dur­ing your work­out to ab­sorb the sweat. 6. Af­ter a work­out, leave your hair loose for some time and let it dry nat­u­rally.

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