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Be it cov­er­ing your head with a du­patta, burqa (full-body cloak), or wear­ing a hel­met while rid­ing a two-wheeler, there are times when your head re­mains cov­ered for long, lead­ing to ac­cu­mu­lated sweat and dirt. Shirin Mer­chant, Pro­pri­etor, Kut & Make Salon, shows you some smart ways of deal­ing with it:

1. Don’t leave oil in your hair for many days. Ex­cess oil can cause dan­druff and other skin prob­lems, and make the hair sticky and smelly. 2. En­sure your hair is com­pletely dry be­fore you cover it. 4. The mo­ment you reach home, re­move your hair­clip or rub­ber band to al­low the scalp to dry. 5. If dan­druff prob­lems arise, use an anti-dan­druff sham­poo or rub lime on the scalp. This also helps to get rid of scalp stick­i­ness.

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