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Hair - - Flavour Of The Month - By Mon­isha Singh Du­daney


Your tarot card is ‘The Two of Cups’ in­di­cat­ing joy and har­mony. At work, many of you will find your niche in 2014. Be­ing the best at what you do will come as a wel­come boost, es­pe­cially for those re­turn­ing from a sab­bat­i­cal. A chic hair­cut, with red and bronze high­lights will make your face glow. For win­ter, you will in­dulge in a plethora of cold creams, mois­turis­ers and fruity lip balms. You may spend on foot mas­sages and scrubs to keep the skin sup­ple. Fi­nances stay in good shape as money owed to you re­turns. Love life brings hap­pi­ness as you make fun plans with your loved ones.

Tip of the month: Ex­er­cis­ing in­doors maybe a wise idea, es­pe­cially in the morn­ings.


Your tarot card is ‘The World’ in­di­cat­ing a time of break­throughs. Many of you will be­gin the month with a def­i­nite res­o­lu­tion and keep at it through 2014. At work, you will de­liver ex­cel­lent re­sults while dis­cov­er­ing your true strengths. Pro­tein treat­ments and oil mas­sages will work won­ders for your tresses. Some of you may in­vest in warm boots or closed shoes to go with your day wear. Your make-up needs some re-stock­ing and oil-free foun­da­tions/pow­der shad­ows will work their magic. Keep tabs on your fi­nances as in­vest­ments may tip from prof­itable to risky in a jiffy. Sin­gles may meet some­one ex­cit­ing at an af­ter-party.

Tip of the month: A set of stacked ban­gles will up the glam quo­tient of any out­fit.


Your tarot card is ‘The Wheel of For­tune’ in­di­cat­ing new op­por­tu­ni­ties. At work, pri­ori­ti­sa­tion is key and the minute you do that, all your plans will fall in place. Part­ner­ships and joint ven­tures fi­nally be­gin to bear fruit. You will be­gin the New Year clear­ing clut­ter as you change an old hairdo or clear your wardrobe of styles-sil­hou­ettes that no longer suit you. You will also bring in new, softer shades of lip colour and gloss. Your hair may need a new style. Money will come in from un­ex­pected sources. Friends are your so­lace as they make time for you in their sched­ules.

Tip of the month: Re­mem­ber to keep some spare qual­ity time ev­ery day for your­self.


Your tarot card is ‘The Nine of Pen­ta­cles’ in­di­cat­ing a time of in­spired ac­tion. At work, many of you may find new ob­jec­tives and goals. Some of you may take a well-timed break to take stock of your op­tions ahead. A man­i­cure/pedi­cure will put a spring in your step. Eye and lip colours in shades of mauve and ma­roon will brighten up your day. Meals pre­scribed by a pro­fes­sional di­eti­cian will help you watch your calo­ries and keep your en­ergy lev­els up. Fi­nances will be good as many of you find your lucky tips pay­ing off. Love life is warm as you spend your week­ends with your fam­ily.

Tip of the month: A dome-shaped brush will be a good ad­di­tion to your van­ity kit.


Your tarot card is ‘The Lovers’ in­di­cat­ing a time to re­lax. At work, you be­gin the year on a high note. New ven­tures, a jump in pro­file and more re­spon­si­bil­i­ties are on their way. Your get your hair cut in lay­ers, which you wear loose at a party and pull into a neat pony­tail at work. Show­ers be­come more fragrant as you splurge on bath salts and scrubs to get rid of dead skin. A patterned stole or check­ered scarf will help add a new lease of life to your ex­ist­ing wardrobe. Money mat­ters may need mind and mus­cle as pa­per­work de­mands your at­ten­tion. Love life is con­tent as your part­ner un­der­stands your mood swings.

Tip of the month: Ap­ply some curd on your face for an in­stant bleach!


Your tarot card is ‘The Star’ de­pict­ing a time to dream. At work, you may be im­bued with a rest­less edge and will ex­plore all pos­si­ble op­por­tu­ni­ties. Re­tail ther­apy will lift your mood as slouchy pants, easy shirts and dresses find their way into your shop­ping bag. A shock­ing change in hair colour will make you bask in the glow of com­pli­ments. Sil­ver ban­gles and a big pen­dant neck­lace will brighten your jew­ellery box. A spin class or a walk­ing group might lift your spir­its emo­tion­ally. Some of you may be­gin the year with a wise sav­ings scheme plan. Fam­ily will need at­ten­tion, es­pe­cially a sib­ling.

Tip of the month: A grat­i­tude jour­nal will help you stay calm and pos­i­tive.


Your tarot card is ‘The Page of Pen­ta­cles’ de­pict­ing ma­te­ri­al­i­sa­tion of dreams. 2014 is all about mak­ing your dreams come true. En­ter­tain­ing im­por­tant ex­ist­ing and po­ten­tial clients helps you move ahead with pre­ci­sion and prom­ise. You choose a hair­style to suit your face shape and try out a new choco­late hue to match your skin colour. Along with a fab­u­lous cos­metic range, make sure to in­dulge in herbal teas and re­fresh­ing body splashes. You get dar­ing with your night makeup turn­ing heads at so­cial events. Those in long-term re­la­tion­ships will look for­ward to va­ca­tions.

Tip of the month: An ap­ple a day can keep weight gain at bay.


Your tarot card is ‘The Nine of Cups’ in­di­cat­ing a pro­duc­tive phase. At work, slow and steady growth will be the high­light of 2014 for you. New ven­tures for the self-em­ployed and a re­jig of port­fo­lio in the cor­po­rate world is in­di­cated. Travel, late nights and sem­i­nars maybe what Jan­uary is made of. Jack­ets that move from day to evening, an easy hairdo and killer shoes will jazz up your look. In­dulging in a classy but smart watch is a good idea. Money seems to flow eas­ily. Love life stays happy as your mate seems to al­low you space and se­cu­rity that you de­sire.

Tip of the month: Take some time off work to take a walk in the park.


Your tarot card is ‘The Two of Wands’ in­di­cat­ing a time of pos­i­tive con­flict. At work, changes are in the off­ing and ini­tially what may seem tough will trans­form it­self into a ne­ces­sity as the year goes by. Col­leagues will of­fer sup­port and you will be wise to al­low them to take on more re­spon­si­bil­ity. Long kur­tas teamed with sim­ple churi­dars will help you keep up the pro­fes­sional im­age. Your hair­style may need an up­date and a funky fringe will win you com­pli­ments. Money is good as you man­age to bal­ance your fi­nances. Love life is happy as some­one you meet makes you smile.

Tip of the month: Eat a ba­nana ev­ery day to im­prove di­ges­tion and stay healthy.


Your tarot card is ‘The High Priest­ess’ in­di­cat­ing a time of re­flec­tion and pos­i­tive ac­tion. At work, you will be com­mended on your ef­forts. You mo­ti­vate part­ners, col­leagues and se­niors. You sport solid colours in bright hues, and change your hair colour to match the same. Ban­gles, shiny bags and pop­coloured shoes com­plete your fash­ion plate. You will be­come more par­tic­u­lar about your diet. Money comes eas­ily, es­pe­cially when you least ex­pect it. Love life is happy as many in­ter­ested suit­ors make their move.

Tip of the month: Eight hours of sleep will help you stay calm and fo­cused.


Your tarot card is ‘The Moon’ de­pict­ing a peace­ful phase ahead. Pro­fes­sion­ally, you will need to have all your wits about you through the year. To en­sure you meet your goals, stay in con­trol of the nit­tygritty. Per­son­ally, you may need to in­dulge in some beauty time with glyc­er­ine-based prod­ucts for your skin. Hair may need a trim and touch-up. In­vest­ing in ba­sic turtle­necks or silk shawls will help you brave the win­ter el­e­gantly. Money mat­ters need deft han­dling. Your part­ner may need com­fort and car­ing and you al­low your sunny side to show up fre­quently. .

Tip of the month: Buy a creamy con­di­tioner to pre­vent split ends and dry tresses.


Your tarot card is ‘The Nine of Pen­ta­cles’ de­pict­ing a prof­itable time for all your en­deav­ours. At work, part­ner­ships flour­ish. You not only do a bril­liant job at break­throughs but also con­tinue the good work. You choose an easy-to-wear hair­style and for hair high­lights, strike a bal­ance be­tween colour and your hair’s nat­u­ral shade. This month may re­quire all your con­cen­tra­tion on health and make sure your meals con­tain veg­gies, fish and ex­tra sup­ple­ments. Money will pour in from un­ex­pected sources to de­light you. Love life is peace­ful.

Tip of the month: When you use make-up, don’t for­get to blend it in for a flaw­less look.

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