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As they say, healthy skin is best achieved in­side-out. Eat healthy and it shows on your skin. And some of these foods are great for the skin as well. Among these are eggs, of­ten called nutrient pow­er­houses! Egg whites — high on pro­teins, with traces of min­er­als and de­void of choles­terol — are a sta­ple part of most diet plans. These very ben­e­fits also make them ideal for top­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tion. “Egg whites con­tain about 90% wa­ter and 10% pro­teins, which pro­vide nour­ish­ment to the skin. Ap­ply­ing egg white pro­vides tem­po­rary tight­en­ing of the skin,” says Dr Priya Peetham­bar, Spa Man­ager, Tri­dent, Na­ri­man Point, Mum­bai. Add a bit of honey to egg whites and you have a blend that’s per­fect food for the skin! “As honey is nat­u­rally anti-bac­te­rial, it is great to pre­vent and treat acne. Be­ing full of an­tiox­i­dants, it helps in slow­ing down skin age­ing. With its in­tense mois­tur­is­ing and sooth­ing pow­ers, it gives the com­plex­ion a boost. Honey also opens up pores, thus mak­ing it easy to un­clog them,” she says. A face pack made of one beaten egg white and a tea­spoon of honey is par­tic­u­larly help­ful for ex­ces­sively oily skin, with­out break­outs. For dry skin, mix­ing egg white with a tea­spoon of olive oil works won­ders. The egg white-honey blend should be kept on for a max­i­mum of 15 min­utes. Ac­cord­ing to Dr Peetham­bar, adding a tea­spoon of oat­meal to the blend gives it ex­fo­lia­tory prop­er­ties, and a dash of lemon juice en­hances its deep-cleans­ing prop­er­ties.

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