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Sweet, juicy, and suc­cu­lent, the pa­paya is re­garded as one of the most nu­tri­tious and whole­some trop­i­cal fruits. Apart from pro­vid­ing es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents such as vi­ta­min C, vi­ta­min A, fo­late and potas­sium, it is easy to digest and aids in the di­ges­tion of other foods, too. And when gen­tly mashed and ap­plied on the skin, it works magic! “Ap­pli­ca­tion of pa­paya on the skin helps to re­duce pim­ples and blem­ishes, mak­ing the skin soft and sup­ple. It evens out skin tone and ex­fo­li­ates the skin. When ap­plied on a reg­u­lar ba­sis, it helps re­duce skin dis­coloura­tion, and signs of age­ing. Pa­paya con­tains AHA or Al­pha-Hy­droxy Acid in abun­dance, which has great anti-ag­ing prop­er­ties,” says Dr Peetham­bar. Add a bit of rice flour to mashed pa­paya and you have a won­der­ful face pack that nour­ishes as well as gen­tly ex­fo­li­ates the skin. Rice pow­der has long been used for fa­cial skin­care in Asian coun­tries. “A face pack of pa­paya and rice pow­der is par­tic­u­larly help­ful in re­duc­ing pig­men­ta­tion, tan, dark spots, acne scars, and clean­ing clogged pores. The pack is most suit­able for com­bi­na­tion skin. It can be used for both young and ma­ture skin, and should be ap­plied for about 15 min­utes. The face should be washed thor­oughly with a suit­able cleanser be­fore ap­pli­ca­tion for the best re­sults,” says Dr Peetham­bar. To en­hance the ben­e­fits of the blend, she sug­gests adding some honey, yo­ghurt, egg white and lemon juice. Glow away beau­ties!

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