Drop an­chor!

For those who face hair loss and do not plan to count their hair ev­ery day, strength­en­ing hair anchorage is the an­swer, says Sys­tem Pro­fes­sional.

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H air loss can make even the most Zen-like among us fur­row our brows in worry. Thick hair has al­ways been a sig­nif­i­cant quo­tient of beauty and thin­ning hair can lit­er­ally wash your con­fi­dence down the shower drain. While los­ing a few strands dur­ing a shower or a blow-dry is nor­mal as hair has its own shed-and-grow cy­cle, per­sis­tent thin­ning or hair loss can be dis­qui­et­ing. Hap­pily, help is now just a bot­tle and a buy away. Sys­tem Pro­fes­sional’s all new SP Men range in­tro­duces Pro­tect Tonic, a high per­for­mance liq­uid so­lu­tion that strikes at the root of the prob­lem — the root of your hair. It strength­ens hair anchorage and thereby fights hair loss. Just lightly mas­sage it into sham­pooed, towel-dried hair or dry scalp and for­get about rins­ing out. Those with mod­er­ate hair loss need to ap­ply it thrice a week. If the loss is acute, use it daily. Put your doubts about side-ef­fects to rest, as the prod­uct’s skin com­pat­i­bil­ity has been der­ma­to­log­i­cally gi­cally con­firmed. Sys­tem Pro­fes­sional’s fes­sional’s Pro­tect tonic comes in a 100ml glass bot­tle priced at ` 4,000.

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