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ISHIKA TANEJA, in­ter­na­tional make-up ex­pert and Ex­ec­u­tive Di­rec­tor, The Alps Group, solves all your skin and make-up trou­bles.

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Q I don’t usu­ally get pim­ples. But I re­cently got two of them and the mark just won’t go. How do I get back my flaw­less skin?

– Meera

A Pop a vi­ta­min E cap­sule on the scars and spread the oil evenly. The marks will van­ish within a week. For acne, you can ap­ply crushed neem leaves or a dis­prin. You may visit a clinic and get few sit­ting of red laser, ozone and col­la­gen mask for bet­ter re­sults. Derma abra­sion can be con­sid­ered to take off the deep marks. To keep acne at bay, wash your face reg­u­larly, keep your nails clean, avoid oily food, keep your hair dan­druff-free and dis­card your cos­met­ics on time.

Q I got my­self a tat­too in col­lege, which I now want to get rid of. Can you sug­gest the best way to get it re­moved?

– Irene

A Tat­toos are meant to be per­ma­nent, so com­plete tat­too re­moval is not pos­si­ble in many cases. But there are sev­eral meth­ods, which have proven to be ef­fec­tive. The de­gree of the re­main­ing colour or blem­ishes de­pends upon sev­eral fac­tors, in­clud­ing the size, lo­ca­tion, the in­di­vid­ual’s abil­ity to heal etc. A tat­too done by an ex­pe­ri­enced artist may be eas­ier to re­move, since the pig­ment is evenly in­jected. New tat­toos can be more dif­fi­cult to re­move than old ones. While hues in yel­low and green are harder to re­move; blue and black are the eas­i­est. Newer laser tat­too re­moval tech­niques such as ruby lasers, Nd:Yag and alexan­drite can elim­i­nate your tat­too with min­i­mal side ef­fects. Lasers re­move tat­toos by break­ing up the pig­ment colours with a high-in­ten­sity light beam, with­out dam­ag­ing the sur­round­ing skin. Q My skin sud­denly be­comes itchy with red marks all over. How­ever, the itch re­duces af­ter ap­ply­ing a cold cream. How do I take care of this prob­lem?

– Garima

A Itchy skin with red marks is usu­ally caused by al­ler­gies. It’s im­per­a­tive to know the al­ler­gen to treat the prob­lem from the root. It can be set­tled by pop­ping an anti al­ler­gic or sim­ple home reme­dies. But if it still per­sists, one has to per­son­ally visit a der­ma­tol­o­gist. In­stead of di­rectly wash­ing the rash with wa­ter, you can use fresh milk to re­move the im­pu­ri­ties and then wash off with wa­ter. This will sooth the area and help to heal it. Clin­i­cally treated aloe vera gel or cool cu­cum­ber slices are an ex­cel­lent rem­edy for al­ler­gies and rashes.

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