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Fuller’s earth or mul­tani mitti is a nat­u­ral min­er­al­rich clay cred­ited with skin tight­en­ing, cleans­ing, ton­ing, smoothen­ing and cool­ing. Dis­solve it in rose wa­ter and you have an earthy-smelling pack in a jiffy. Fuller’s earth does to your skin what a re­fresh­ing le­mon­ade does to your body on a scorch­ing sum­mer’s day. “Fuller’s Earth cleanses the skin of dirt, oil and dead skin cells, re­lieves in­flam­ma­tion and tight­ens skin pores. It con­tains mag­ne­sium chlo­ride and alu­minium sil­i­cate, which helps to re­duce acne and blem­ishes and pig­men­ta­tion,” says Dr Luthra.

From bathing rit­u­als to cos­met­ics, rose wa­ter has been an in­ex­tri­ca­ble part of ev­ery woman’s skin­care reg­i­men. It re­freshes the skin, bal­ances its pH level, tight­ens pores and stim­u­lates blood circulation. A mix of Fuller’s Earth and rose wa­ter cools the skin, re­duces oili­ness and leaves it soft, smooth and glow­ing. Best ap­plied for 10 to 15 min­utes, the pack is suit­able for all skin types. Spruce up the blend to cre­ate your very own recipe. “Honey will add a dose of mois­tur­i­sa­tion. Pa­paya pulp will nat­u­rally lighten the skin. Neem or mint leaves have anti bac­te­rial and anti acne ben­e­fits. Turmeric and tomato juice will ac­cel­er­ate the skin light­en­ing ac­tion,” adds Dr Luthra.

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