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The key to healthy skin lies in us­ing a cleanser, toner and mois­turiser that suit your skin. This is likely to be a trial and er­ror process un­til you can iden­tify the brand and prod­ucts that fit your needs. Con­trary to com­mon per­cep­tion, oily skin does need mois­tur­i­sa­tion. Skip­ping this es­sen­tial part leads to over pro­duc­tion of oil by the se­ba­ceous glands mak­ing skin oilier still. Dr Aakriti Mehra, MD, Der­ma­tol­o­gist En­hance clin­ics, rec­om­mends wa­ter-based light­weight lotions or aquagel for­mu­la­tions which con­tain humec­tants such as glyc­erin and hyaluronic acid in­stead of waxy emol­lients to mois­turise. “Make sure the words “non- come­do­genic” are present on the la­bel. Also, in­stead of slather­ing on an ex­tra layer of sun­screen, it would be wise to buy a mois­turiser with SPF for your morn­ing rou­tine, sup­ple­mented by a gel-based sun­screen for the rest of the day,” she ad­vises. For ton­ing, Dr Mehra rec­om­mends wa­ter-based ton­ers. “Avoid al­co­hol or oil-based prod­ucts as the for­mer can dry out and dam­age your skin whereas the lat­ter can lead to break­outs. Nat­u­ral ton­ers con­tain­ing rose wa­ter or tea tree ex­tracts can be help­ful,” she says. Choos­ing a non-abra­sive, al­co­hol­free cleanser or der­ma­tol­o­gist-rec­om­mended med­i­cated cleansers which con­tain sal­i­cylic acid, ben­zoyl per­ox­ide or sodium sul­fac­etamide will help to de­crease se­bum con­tent as well as sup­press the growth of acne caus­ing bac­te­ria, adds Dr Mehra.

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