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Apart from be­ing one of the health­i­est snacks, vi­ta­min E-rich al­monds are also great for top­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tion, as they soothe, mois­turise and nour­ish the skin. Al­monds also make the skin soft and smooth, re­duce dry­ness, im­prove elas­tic­ity, lighten dark cir­cles and bring a nat­u­ral glow to the skin. Mix this won­der nut with an­other skin saver called aloe vera and you have a mix­ture that can work magic on your skin. “Ap­ply­ing a blend of ground al­monds and aloe vera gel in the same pro­por­tion is ben­e­fi­cial for all skin types. As the blend is cool­ing, it is well suited for the sum­mer sea­son and the most suited for dry skin,” says Dr Gang­wani. Dr Gang­wani sug­gests adding half a tea­spoon of

pow­der to the blend for en­hanced cleans­ing and to fight acne. Equal quan­ti­ties of ground al­monds, aloe vera gel, oats and honey may be mixed for a scrub that has en­hanced cleans­ing, anti-ox­i­dant and anti-mi­cro­bial prop­er­ties. “All these in­gre­di­ents work won­ders from within, too. Drink­ing aloe vera juice, sip­ping warm milk with turmeric, eat­ing soaked al­monds and a bowl of fresh home-made yo­gurt are sure to im­prove one’s health and im­mu­nity, which in turn will give truly healthy skin”, says Dr. Gang­wani.

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