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Q&A with Dr Sonal and Dr Apoorva Shah

Hair - - Editor’s letter -

DR APOORVA SHAH and DR SONAL SHAH, In­dia’s first cer­ti­fied tri­chol­o­gists, give you all the hair­care ad­vice you need. Q They say that if you pull out a grey strand, they will in­crease in num­ber. Is this true? Can you sug­gest nat­u­ral reme­dies to curb grey­ing of hair? ~ As­mita

It is par­tially cor­rect be­cause when you pull out a strand, you are likely to dam­age the ad­ja­cent hair roots, caus­ing dam­age to melanocytes (pig­ment-pro­duc­ing cells).

the rea­son be­hind pre­ma­ture grey­ing. and zinc which help to main­tain your nat­u­ral hair colour. Eat­ing an amla a day is

Q De­pend­ing on the sea­son and tex­ture of the hair, there are sev­eral sham­poos one can pick up. I try to ex­per­i­ment and change my sham­poo ev­ery three months. Is that ad­vis­able? ~ Rinku

It is cer­tainly not ad­vis­able to keep ex­pos­ing your hair to var­i­ous al­ler­gens in

a prod­uct has suited your hair, stick to it

Q Mon­soon is a month away. Can you share a few hair­care tips for the sea­son? ~ Poorvi

in­vari­ably, so a good hair care regime is es­sen­tial through­out the sea­son. One needs to oil hair and never skip the sham­poo rou­tine. Reg­u­larly dab on some pro­tec­tive leave-in hair con­di­tion­ers or smooth­ing serums. Skip the hair dryer as much as pos­si­ble and al­low your hair to dry nat­u­rally. Avoid chem­i­cal treat­ments and do not ex­pose your hair to highly chlo­ri­nated wa­ter.

Q I love us­ing shine serums. But over a pe­riod of time, they make my hair sticky. Could you sug­gest a rem­edy? ~ Sneha

where the nat­u­ral se­bum se­creted by the scalp can­not reach.

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