The rain rhap­sody

The cool breeze and gath­er­ing clouds are a har­bin­ger of the pit­ter-pat­ter that is soon-to make an ap­pear­ance in the city. But then, so are the hu­mid­ity re­lated hair woes.

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Your skir­mish with heat and sweat may have come to an end , but don’t let your guard down just yet, given that your bat­tle with hu­mid­ity is about to be­gin. Frizz, dull­ness and hu­mid­ity-in­duced vol­ume will make your hair go hay­wire. The only way to tackle th­ese prob­lems head-on, is, to be pre­pared. We have Manita Gureja, As­so­ciate Direc­tor, Revlon Pro­fes­sional In­dia; Kieron Webb, Global Ex­pert, TIGI; Shailesh Moolya, Na­tional Hair Trainer, Lakmé Salon and Shirin Mer­chant, Pro­pri­etor, Kut N Make Salon, to guide you through the mon­soon.

Hu­mid­ity men­ace

The sud­den rise in hu­mid­ity man­i­fests it­self in prob­lems more than one. For curly hair it means a fizzy, dull and un­man­age­able crop, as the hair cu­ti­cles swell with ex­cess mois­ture in the at­mos­phere — al­most 16 per­cent in di­am­e­ter in high hu­mid­ity; and for straight hair it means limp­ness and oily scalp due to ex­cess oil se­cre­tion. There is also an in­crease in hair fall and dry­ness along with dan­druff.

Rainy rou­tine

But does an in­crease in hu­mid­ity mean you can­not wash your hair reg­u­larly? Cer­tainly not! Wash hair thrice a week with lukewarm wa­ter. Hot wa­ter on hair is a big no-no. Ex­ces­sively oily hair should be washed ev­ery al­ter­nate day. But if hu­mid­ity has caused ma­jor dan­druff prob­lems, a daily wash is rec­om­mended. Gureja rec­om­mends mild cleans­ing sham­poos such as Revlon’s René Furterer Cur­bi­cia sham­poo for an oily scalp, Meleluca for dan­duruff, For­ticea stim­u­lat­ing sham­poo to tackle hair fall, Astera scalp sooth­ing sham­poo and Na­turia Gen­tle Bal­anc­ing sham­poo for all hair types to be used in this sea­son. Sim­i­larly, TIGI’s Recharge , Elas­ti­cate and Epic Vol­ume sham­poos work great for hu­mid con­di­tions. Also, if you do not want to wash your hair too of­ten, you can opt for TIGI Bed Head Rock­a­holic Dirty Se­cret Dry Sham­poo.

Con­di­tion un­con­di­tion­ally

Af­ter ev­ery hair­wash, con­di­tion­ing is a must. A con­di­tioner seals the cu­ti­cles to lock mois­ture thus tam­ing the fizz and mak­ing hair smooth and shiny. Post wash, squeeze out ex­cess wa­ter and work the con­di­tioner from mi­dlengths to ends and rinse well with cold wa­ter. Light con­di­tion­ers works well for limp and oily hair. For dry hair, try René Furterer’s Karite con­di­tioner, for fine hair opt for Fio­ra­vanti clar­ify and shine rinse con­di­tioner. Also try TIGI’s Ur­ban An­ti­dotes Range or S Fac­tor Se­ri­ous Con­di­tioner for deep con­di­tion­ing.

Ex­tra care

Oil­ing hair has its ben­e­fits even in rainy sea­son. But oil should be kept only for a cou­ple of hours and not overnight. You can opt for an olive or se­same oil mas­sage be­fore wash for nour­ish­ment of roots and scalp. Post wash, don’t for­get to ap­ply a leave-in con­di­tioner or serum for pro­tec­tion and main­te­nance. Creams and serums, with a light hold fac­tor and anti-hu­mid­ity pro­tec­tion, are best for daily use and styling. Choose between TIGI Bed Head Small Talk and To­tally Baked serums. To take care of frizz, pick an anti-frizz serums such as L’Oréal Paris El­vive Smooth In­tense Anti-Frizz Serum.

Spa-cial treat­ment

Hair spa once a fort­night is much needed for your hu­mid­ity-dam­aged hair. Spa and salon treat­ments re­pair and nour­ish hair to re­duce dull­ness and main­tain the pH bal­ance of the scalp, thus re­ju­ve­nat­ing your hair. You can go for a Moroc­can hair spa or Mois­ture Bal­ance Spa to main­tain your hair in mon­soon. Al­ter­na­tively try out a pro­tein treat­ment such as Cys­teine — an Amino Acid treat­ment for healthy tresses.

Keep It short

• A short hair­cut is prefer­able in the mon­soon as it dries eas­ily and doesn’t take too long to man­age. • It also keeps split-ends at bay. Avoid do­ing a cut with a ra­zor as it could tear an al­ready dry and frizzy shaft.

Styling cau­tion

While it is best to avoid styling in this sea­son, if need be, use serums and sprays that are light and do not weigh your hair down in­stead of a heavy mousse or cream. Make anti-frizz styling prod­ucts or hu­mid con­trol sprays your BFFs for the sea­son.

Coloured hair­care

• Coloured hair is porus and is prone to break­age in hu­mid­ity. • Always use a colour pro­tect­ing sham­poo and con­di­tioner. • Avoid fre­quent root touch ups and global hair colours dur­ing the rains. • Ap­ply a leave-in con­di­tioner or serum to main­tain colour for a longer pe­riod of time.


• Avoid get­ting drenched in the rain as pol­lu­tion and float­ing tox­ins in the air get mixed with rain wa­ter. • Don’t leave your hair wet for a long time as it may cause break­age. • Use a muslin scarf or a pash­mina shawl to cover your hair. • Avoid us­ing too much hair prod­uct and ex­ces­sive use of heat styling tools. • Do not use gels as they run

down with wa­ter.

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