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Hair - - The Style Guide - VIDYA KISHOREKU­MAR.

Yeah, we can’t have enough of bobs. Done with curls? Then it’s time to go sleeky straight. Per­fect for the metropoli­tan of­fice-goer, the look screams so­phis­ti­cated fash­ion. But mind you, this is high main­te­nance — ran­dom grown-out strands or skip­ping the serum just won’t do.

Let your stylist go snip, snip, snip this sea­son for a hair­cut that’s high on style but low on main­te­nance. Don’t shy away if you have some messy curls, just straighten out the fringe with a flat iron and let the curls be for a cute, ul­tra-mod­ern bob.

In­tro­duc­ing the fire that sim­ply re­fuses to go out — a per­fect fringe paired with im­per­fect lay­ers. A go-to style for hair blessed with some se­ri­ous vol­ume, locks cas­cad­ing down to the shoul­ders are not just envy-in­spir­ing but pretty easy to get too. A quick blow-dry and a shine spray may be all you need.

There are some who think a short crop is too out­ra­geous but long hair is too drab. There are oth­ers who would love some se­ri­ous length but the hair just doesn’t grow. For both groups, we sug­gest a midi — sim­ple and stylish. Just keep it well con­di­tioned and you’re set.

If you don’t mind a few eye­balls turn­ing your way and some se­ri­ous at­ten­tion, go for this one. A re­bel­lious take on the bob, get some ra­zored edges to frame your face and throw in a splash of colour on the fringe. Wow!

One time or the other, you have pulled your hair into a puff — I’d place a bet on that un­less you have a pixie cut. Gen­er­ally pre­ferred by long-haired beau­ties, puffs give an im­pres­sion of vol­ume and frame your face in a stylishly easy way. Keep at it.

I think they dis­cov­ered the pony­tail dur­ing stone age, so its only fair to the clas­sic style that you add a touch of new­ness to it. Pull your fringe into a side-swept, face-fram­ing look. A lit­tle puff at the crown should do good, too.

This is as easy as it gets — af­ter a bit of back­comb­ing at the crown, pull your hair to a side into a pony­tail. We are not look­ing at a sleek look here, so let the few fly-aways be to add a messed-up look. A dash of tex­tur­is­ing spray will fin­ish off the style.

If you have dared to chop ’em off, opt for the bed head style to com­plete the devil-may-care look. A few out­grown strands don’t mat­ter. Ruf­fle up your crop with some vo­lu­mis­ing mousse and — noth­ing. Just that.

Per­fectly apt for Ra­pun­zels be­fore step­ping out into the down­pour, a top knot is not just easy and stylish at the same time but will also min­imise the amount of rain­wa­ter that reaches your tresses. Plus it will turn all the at­ten­tion to your glow­ing face. A win-win sit­u­a­tion, isn’t it?

The dif­fer­ence that sim­ply gath­er­ing your hair to a side can make is just amaz­ing! Pic­ture this — flow­ing, golden-brown curls on one side with an off-shoul­der dress and red lips. This is the stuff fairy­tales are made of. Un­less you look above and de­cide to go for it.

Is it the most com­mon style around? Yes. Are we done with it? No way! Waves and lay­ers are here to stay for good. A few streaks of colour here and there and done. Good to go with any out­fit, any sea­son, any place.

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