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Hair - - Haircare Diary -

A-Line Bob: A geo­met­ric bob re­sem­bling a cap­i­tal ‘A’

in shape.

Asym­me­try: A cut with dif­fer­ent lengths ei­ther side.

Balayage: A high­light­ing tech­nique that cre­ates a more nat­u­ral, sun-kissed look.

Beachy: Wavy hair with a wind-tou­sled ef­fect.

Bevel: To flick the hair in or out at the ends (usu­ally with straight­en­ing irons).

Choppy: A way of cut­ting the hair so all ends vary slightly in length.

Cor­tex: In­ner part of the hair’s struc­ture.

Cu­ti­cles: Your cu­ti­cles form a pro­tec­tive layer that cov­ers the shaft of your hair.

Dif­fuse/Dif­fuser: A dif­fuser is an adapter you pop on the head of your hairdryer. This spreads out the air flow and al­lows for gen­tler dry­ing – which is es­pe­cially good for curls.

Feather­ing: Finely tex­tured lay­er­ing where the hair is cut at an an­gle, rather than across. This pro­vides a softer line to the hair.

Grad­u­a­tion: The op­po­site of lay­er­ing. Grad­u­a­tion can build up a shape and a curve in the hair.

Overdi­rect­ing: Blow-dry­ing out the hair to one side and then flip­ping it to part on the other to give vol­ume.

Un­der­cut: A shaven or shorter part un­der­neath the main lay­ers of hair to re­move the weight.

Wefts: Tem­po­rary hair ex­ten­sions that are glued into your hair.

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