It’s rain­ing in­dul­gence

With the ad­vent of a new sea­son, it’s not just the wardrobe that should change but your beauty rit­u­als, too. SONAL VED tells you the four must-dos this mon­soon.

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Beauty must-dos for the mon­soon

As we move from the scorch­ing sum­mer to the hu­mid mon­soon, our body re­quires a spe­cial dose of re­lax­ation. While fresh­ness and green­ery is wel­come, the muck and splash is not. While the hu­mid­ity causes frizzy hair and clogs fa­cial pores, dirty pud­dles mess up pretty feet. Here are four spa treat­ments that are a must-do be­fore you get set to en­joy the show­ers.

Get a lux­u­ri­ous body scrub

Why you need it? Ex­ces­sive mois­ture in the air of­ten leads to fun­gal and bac­te­rial in­fec­tions on the skin that can be avoided if dead skin is reg­u­larly ex­fo­li­ated and toned. A good way to do that is to in­dulge in a body scrub, which will keep clogged pores at bay.

What it does? Be it nuts, salts or sugar — scrubs are an amaz­ing way to help you achieve vel­vety smooth skin in a jiffy. The ther­a­pist uses gritty sub­stances or a creamy mix­ture with gran­ules and mas­sages in cir­cu­lar mo­tion to get rid of dry skin, dead cells and im­pu­ri­ties from the sur­face of the skin.

Try it at: The Spa at The Leela, Goa

Go for a hair mask

Why you need it? Our hair of­ten gets frizzy in this weather and the best way to tame it is with masks. This is es­pe­cially true if you have dry hair, as the rainy weather is likely to make hair more coarse and dif­fi­cult to man­age.

What it does? A hair mask rit­ual in­volves drap­ing your tresses in the finest qual­ity hair cream, lo­tion or nat­u­ral in­gre­di­ents that nour­ish your last­ing shine, mois­ture and healthy hair. Try it at: O2 Spa, Jaipur Mar­riot Ho­tel, Jaipur

Glow with a skin bright­en­ing rit­ual

Why you need it? Mon­son brings high hu­mid­ity and ex­cess mois­ture in the air makes most skin types oily and cloggy. This fur­ther leads to dull and list­less com­plex­ion, black­heads and ugly white­heads. A good way to beat this is a skin bright­en­ing fa­cial.

What it does? Bright­en­ing fa­cials es­sen­tially work to­wards pol­ish­ing your com­plex­ion. Here the first step in­volve deep cleans­ing that zaps out ex­ces­sive oil and grime from the skin. This is fol­lowed by a face scrub to re­move dead skin, while the mask in the end light­ens the skin tone and gives it a pearly glow. Try it at: Jean Claude Bigu­ine, Mum­bai

In­dulge in a foot spa

Why do you need it? In­dulging in a foot spa rit­ual dur­ing the mon­soon is as im­por­tant as ap­ply­ing mois­turiser dur­ing win­ters. Feet are the most af­fected part of the body dur­ing rains. Con­stantly bat­tling pud­dles will not only leave them tired, but also fills toes with dirt and grime. Con­tact with rain wa­ter can also leads to in­fec­tions.

What it does? In-between bor­ing food re­flex­ol­ogy ses­sions and ex­press pedi­cures lies some­thing called a foot spa. The treat­ment usu­ally in­cludes scrub­bing, cleans­ing, mois­tur­is­ing and knead­ing of your feet. This treat­ment fol­lowed by closed shoes will pro­tect your feet from mon­soon may­hem. Try it at: The Cut Col­lec­tive, Mum­bai

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