Mon­soon mantra

From long drives to ad­ven­ture treks, the on­set of rains is when all the plan­ning be­gins. And while you jump over the pud­dles, DR VARUN KATYAL tells you how to keep your skin healthy and glow­ing through­out the damp and hu­mid sea­son.

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Rainy day ra­di­ance

Cloudy skies. The beau­ti­ful smell of wet earth. Pit­ter pat­ter rain drops. Masala chai. Onion pako­das. Who doesn’t love the mon­soon? Well, our skin maybe… it’s moist, oily, sticky and life­less. Fret not, girl. Here is a skin­care regime that will keep your skin feel­ing fresh and ra­di­ant, no mat­ter what the weather.

Clean well

Dur­ing mon­soons, the skin can ei­ther be­come very dry or very oily and it’s im­por­tant to cleanse it prop­erly. Avoid harsh cleansers and per­fumed soaps. For nor­mal to dry skin, you can use a soap free cleanser and for acne prone or oily skin, you can use a sal­i­cylic acid based cleanser in the morn­ing and a soap free cleanser at night. Fol­low this up with a PH-bal­anced toner.


Be­ware! The hu­mid weather can play havoc by de­hy­drat­ing dry skin and over­hy­drat­ing oily skin. If you hap­pen to get wet of­ten, tuck in a wa­ter re­sis­tant mois­turiser in your van­ity kit. Oth­er­wise, a wa­ter-based mois­turiser will do just fine. If the skin feels too dry, use a hyaluronic acid skin serum with the mois­turiser to keep the skin soft and hy­drated. For dry skin, blend wheat bran or ground al­monds with milk or yo­gurt and ap­ply it on your skin.

Block out the sun

Just be­cause the skies are cloudy doesn’t mean that the harm­ful rays of the sun won’t reach you. Always use a broad-spec­trum wa­ter re­sis­tant sun­screen, with an SPF of 30 or more, in an ap­pro­pri­ate man­ner. Slather it on all the ex­posed parts of your skin at least 20 min­utes be­fore you step out and carry um­brella and pro­tec­tive sun­glasses with you if you are plan­ning to walk in the sun.

Eat healthy

The ca­pac­ity to di­gest food is at its low­est dur­ing the mon­soons, so avoid bing­ing on street food. Gorge on foods such as brown rice, stir fries, soups and cur­ries. Eat­ing green leafy veg­gies is good, but wash them prop­erly as they could carry the risk of con­tam­i­na­tion. Drink plenty of wa­ter ev­ery day so as to main­tain the glow of your skin.

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