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In a coun­try where the sun shines in all its glory most days of the year, it’s hard to escape the tan and the pig­men­ta­tion marks. Or per­haps it’s not, with Skeyn­dor around.

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Spot­less beauty

D ark spots — they are always on the list of top five skin wor­ries of most women. Now, kick it off your list with Skeyn­dor’s all-new Spot Eraser Cream. With a spe­cial for­mula con­tain­ing wide-spec­trum de-pig­men­ta­tion agent, it helps to quickly lighten the tone of all types of skin spots or pig­men­ta­tion. With a po­tent in­gre­di­ent list in­clud­ing phenylethyl re­sor­ci­nol, phenol de­riv­a­tives, ami­noethylphos­phinic acid and TGF-ß Biomimetic Pep­tide En­cap­su­lated in Li­po­somes, Skeyn­dor read­ies to erase those wor­ri­some spots in its trade­mark sci­en­tific style backed by ex­ten­sive re­search. “Do not step out with­out a sun­screen.” How many times have you heard that warn­ing? In­nu­mer­able times, and rightly so. Over ex­po­sure to the sun is di­rectly or in­di­rectly re­spon­si­ble most of the skin prob­lems we face and the sig­nif­i­cance of a sun­block with ad­e­quate SPF is un­de­ni­able. And what if your sun­screen had a hint of colour, too? Get the best of both worlds with Skeyn­dor’s Tinted Pro­tec­tive Cream SPF 50. Apart from pro­tect­ing your skin from UVA, UVB, In­frared rays and fight­ing over­all photo-age­ing, the cream has a slight touch of colour for that added spark. What’s more, it’s wa­ter­re­sis­tant and will stay put on your skin for all-round pro­tec­tion. Go on, brave the sun with Skeyn­dor.

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