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If you think mon­soon means pre­par­ing for a host of skin trou­bles, DR AK­SHAY BA­TRA is here to tell you how to knock those prob­lems out of the way.

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Rain no bane

When it pours, your skin tends to put up a plea that all is not re­fresh­ing — more so, if you have sen­si­tive or dry skin. One mo­ment, it may look oily; at an­other, it may ap­pear dry and parched. We look at the most com­mon beauty trou­bles that the mon­soon brings with it:


Hu­mid­ity and the re­sul­tant sticky skin may of­ten lead to clogged pores and acne. To treat and pre­vent break­outs or flare-ups, strictly fol­low the fun­da­men­tal cleans­ing-ton­ing-mois­tur­is­ing rou­tine, prefer­ably with nat­u­ral or or­ganic prod­ucts. Fun­gal in­fec­tions of the nails and toes are also com­mon dur­ing mon­soon; keep them as much clean and dry as pos­si­ble to pre­vent such prob­lems. Make sure you wash your feet ev­ery time you step in from out­side and don’t let your feet re­main in­side wet shoes for long. Your skin may, at times, sport a gloomy look, or shrink and ‘wrin­kle’ due to pro­longed ex­po­sure to rain­wa­ter, or ex­ces­sive damp­ness. Splash your face with wa­ter if you had been out in the rain. Sun­tan may flare-up in­ter­mit­tently due to ex­po­sure to spo­radic but bright sun­light. Make sure you use a wa­ter-based sun­screen lo­tion with SPF 15-30.


Avoid heavy, oily make-up — it tends to block your skin pores. Eat a light, well-bal­anced diet, sup­ple­mented by pulses, legumes and soy­bean (if you are not al­ler­gic to it). You’d also do well to add car­rots, green leafy veg­eta­bles, or­anges, whole grains and nuts, to your diet plan, along­side green tea, with a dash of cin­na­mon, but with­out milk and sugar — to keep dis­ease-caus­ing free rad­i­cals at bay.


• If your skin is dry, use al­mond paste or honey cleanser. Mas­sage your face for a few min­utes, rinse and pat dry • If your skin is oily, use a mild nat­u­ral cleanser. You may use ripe papaya pulp too — it is a mild, nat­u­ral ex­fo­liant. • Ton­ing your skin with laven­der oil is use­ful — it will help pre­vent skin in­fec­tions or erup­tions. • Ex­er­cise and keep your­self well hy­drated as wa­ter rids your body of tox­ins.

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