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Hair - - Editor's Letter -

The criss-cross con­nec­tion

Braids have been in vogue since time im­memo­rial. Rang­ing from the sim­ple braid, var­i­ous styles of these are adopted to­day; some of which are waterfall braid, fish­tail braid, re­verse braid, etc. Though this style may have its roots in East, it has been rev­o­lu­tionised to suit all hair types and colours. Shirin Mer­chant, Pro­pri­etor, Kut and Make, says, “Braids have been rein­vented and are now pre­sented in var­i­ous ways in creative styling. Hun­dreds of up­dos, each more unique and beau­ti­ful than the other, are now be­ing de­ployed. The mod­ern twist is that braids are now worn more loose, messy and unkempt. A braid has be­come the base of any updo, ren­der­ing a more nat­u­ral, ca­sual, and, ‘im­per­fect’ look to up­dos. In short, a style that has been so uniquely Eastern has come back to the East, with a Western in­flu­ence.”

Silky, smooth, strong

If there’s one thing Asians are fa­mous for, among the many oth­ers, it’s their poker-straight hair! How has that made the West re­act? “Women of Asian de­scent are known for their sleek, straight hair. This sea­son, in­ter­na­tional run­ways have wit­nessed a bevy of run­way beau­ties sport­ing long, straight­ened locks; both cen­ter-parted and swept to the side,” says Asif Mo­ham­mad, Style Direc­tor, Jean-Claude Bigu­ine Sa­lon and Spa, In­dia. “So, it’s time to dig out the straight­en­ers, as the big, bouncy blow-dry is out, and sleek shiny poker-straight hair is back on trend. The key to this clas­sic hair-do is to keep it shiny, glossy, cen­tre-parted, and, of course, poker straight, with flat roots.”

Short and sweet Most peo­ple on the East side of the world would equate the beauty of a woman by her long hair. But to­day, that trend seems to be dy­ing slowly. More and more women, es­pe­cially from cities, pre­fer the com­fort of shorter hair. Shirin adds, “Eastern cul­ture has al­ways dis­cour­aged its women from shed­ding their beau­ti­ful tresses. How­ever, the in­flu­ence of bobs from the West has slowly but steadily made women not only ac­cept but also em­brace the style, only be­cause the mod­ern touch has of­fered dif­fer­ent lengths to women. From a short tight bob or a heavy one, to a mid-length lay­ered bob or a long, shoul­der-length one, women now have the flex­i­bil­ity to choose the length. Also, bobs can now be worn more fash­ion­ably, with nat­u­ral waves, bends and curls, too. Hence, its pop­u­lar­ity has grown im­mensely, thanks to its easy man­age­abil­ity and low main­te­nance.”

Quiff it up! Boys are not to be left be­hind when it comes to style. But should we credit Hol­ly­wood or Bol­ly­wood for giv­ing us the big, fluffy quiff? And who should wear it? “This sea­son’s go-to style is the Mad Men, 50’s-in­spired, slick quiff. The quiff is a hairstyle for those who don’t want to in­dulge in the strict con­ser­vatism of a slicked part, but still want some­thing with clas­sic over­tones,” con­cludes Asif.

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