TOP 10 HAIR MYTHS... Bust­ing mis­con­cep­tions

We’ve busted the big­gest mis­con­cep­tions so you know the sim­ple truths be­hind great hair…


1 The lie: Fre­quent trims make your hair grow faster.

THE TRUTH: Sorry to tell you, but cut­ting the ends of your hair doesn’t af­fect the fol­li­cles in your scalp, which de­ter­mine how fast and how much your hair grows. It ac­tu­ally grows at a rate of a quar­ter-inch ev­ery month (bear­ing in mind this varies from person to person), whether or not you cut it.

2 The lie: You should switch sham­poo types of­ten, oth­er­wise your hair be­comes ‘too used’ to a par­tic­u­lar prod­uct.

THE TRUTH: Ab­so­lute non­sense! Stick to what­ever you like to use – the re­sults you have will be the same each time!

3 The lie: Rins­ing hair in cold wa­ter makes it shinier, as it closes your hair’s cu­ti­cles to make them flat and light-re­flec­tive.

THE TRUTH: Your hair is not alive—it can’t re­act to cold or hot wa­ter, full stop. If you want shine, use a shine spray.

4 The lie: Brush your hair as much as pos­si­ble to dis­trib­ute its nat­u­ral oils more evenly and pro­mote growth.

THE TRUTH: Brush­ing ac­tu­ally height­ens the risk of break­age and split ends—so only do so when you need to! Make sure you use the cor­rect brush for your hair type, too.

5 The lie: If you sham­poo less of­ten, your hair will get used to it and over time pro­duce less oil.

THE TRUTH: Your hair will al­ways pro­duce the same amount of oil, as it’s all down to your ge­netic make-up. Sorry, suf­fer­ers of oil-prone hair!

6 The lie: Stress makes your hair fall out

THE TRUTH: Although you lose be­tween 50 to 120 strands of hair each day, it’s pos­si­ble that you may lose a few more strands when you’re “cat­a­stroph­i­cally” stressed, mean­ing you have had a ma­jor life change such as a di­vorce, lost job, or ex­pe­ri­enced the death of a loved one. Ma­jor hair loss how­ever isn’t caused by stress.

7 The lie: You should al­ways wash your hair twice—a first time to re­move build-up and dirt, and a sec­ond time to re­fresh the hair.

THE TRUTH: It doesn’t mat­ter how many times you wash your hair, one sham­poo will al­ways do the trick!

8 The lie: You can mend dam­aged or split hair with the right con­di­tion­ing treat­ments.

THE TRUTH: While such treat­ments may help re­plen­ish dry or por­ous hair, the only way to truly han­dle a dam­aged or split mane is to cut it off and start again!

9 The lie: Dan­druff is a re­sult of hav­ing a dry scalp.

THE TRUTH: Suf­fer­ing from dan­druff and hav­ing a dry scalp are two dif­fer­ent things. Dan­druff hap­pens when nat­u­ral yeast de­posits on the scalp re­act with it, caus­ing skin on the scalp to shed. A dry scalp on the other hand can be caused by lack of hy­dra­tion, sea­son changes or if a sham­poo and con­di­tioner strips the hair of its nat­u­ral oil. Dan­druff re­quires treat­ment, whereas plenty of moisturising treat­ments are all you need for dry­ness.

10 The lie: Con­di­tion­ers con­tain­ing sil­i­cone can build up on hair and strip your colour.

THE TRUTH: Most con­di­tion­ers con­tain sil­i­cones as they tar­get dam­aged ar­eas of the hair. As long as you rinse prop­erly, they should help main­tain good hair con­di­tion with­out mak­ing your mane feel heavy.

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