Keep­ing up its legacy of bring­ing the best in the world of tri­chol­ogy to In­dia, Richfeel has in­tro­duced Ana­cover-In­stant Per­ma­nent Scalp Cover, which pro­vides in­stant per­ma­nent scalp cover for peo­ple with scanty hair and those in the ini­tial stages of bal

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Q Hair thin­ning among young peo­ple has be­come a com­mon prob­lem these days. What are the causes of hair thin­ning?

A Hair thin­ning is be­com­ing a com­mon prob­lem amongst young­sters these days pri­mar­ily due to the life­style they lead. Ear­lier, thin­ning was con­sid­ered a sign of age­ing, but to­day all agere­lated prob­lems are seen in young peo­ple as well. Stress at work, peer pres­sure and im­proper diet trig­ger hor­monal fluc­tu­a­tions, which in turn trig­ger the thin­ning pat­tern.

Q How long is the pro­ce­dure for the ap­pli­ca­tion of Ana­cover and how many sit­tings does a person re­quire?

A It is a sin­gle ses­sion pro­ce­dure and does not need any ap­pli­ca­tions later. Af­ter the first ses­sion, the pa­tient is called for re­view and if need be, a touch-up can be done. In rarest of rare cases if the pig­ment fades af­ter a few years one can do a touch-up.

Q How does Ana­cover work to repli­cate the nat­u­ral ap­pear­ance of hair fol­li­cles on the scalp? Please elab­o­rate on the tech­niques that Ana­cover uses.

A With the help of spe­cialised rollers and nee­dles we cre­ate an ap­pear­ance of hair fol­li­cle on the scalp and in­fuse nat­u­ral derma pig­ments into them. These pig­ments re­main sus­pended in the up­per two lay­ers of epi­der­mis and do not pen­e­trate or dis­in­te­grate. The roller bears nee­dles hav­ing al­most same di­am­e­ter of a hair fol­li­cle and that is how a fol­li­cle can be sim­u­lated.

Q Please high­light the var­i­ous sit­u­a­tions in which Ana­cover can be ef­fec­tively used.

A Ana­cover can be done for any person who faces a prob­lem of scalp vis­i­bil­ity, the causes of which can vary. Ana­cover can also ben­e­fit peo­ple who have scars on scalp. It can be used in cases of alope­cia when peo­ple lose eye­brows and in post mas­tec­tomy cases to recre­ate the are­ola and nip­ple.

Q What sets Ana­cover apart from other sim­i­lar prod­ucts in the mar­ket?

A There is a less likely pos­si­bil­ity of a sim­i­lar prod­uct in mar­ket as the tech­nique is un­der patent. Richfeel has al­ways kept up its legacy of bring­ing the best in the world of tri­chol­ogy to In­dia. The derma pig­ments and the rollers are spe­cially de­signed to cre­ate hair fol­li­cle sim­u­la­tion.

Q Does the treat­ment in­volve any af­ter-care and main­te­nance?

A There is no ma­jor spe­cial care re­quired ex­cept for a pe­riod of fort­night dur­ing when one should not ap­ply any top­i­cal ap­pli­ca­tions like oil and hair vi­talis­ers.

Q Are there any side ef­fects of us­ing Ana­cover?

A Ana­cover has no side ef­fects. The pa­tient se­lec­tion is done af­ter care­ful screen­ing and check­ing the health sta­tus and fit­ness of the pa­tient.

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