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ISHIKA TANEJA, in­ter­na­tional makeup ex­pert and Ex­ec­u­tive Direc­tor, The Alps Group, solves all your skin and makeup trou­bles.

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Q I re­cently no­ticed some hair growth in my chin area. They are just 6 shafts but it feels weird to touch. How do I get it re­moved? – Gargi

A Un­wanted hair looks irk­some and is a prob­lem faced by women from all walks of life. The most pre­ferred hair-re­moval tech­niques are thread­ing, peel-of wax­ing and In­tense Pulsed Light (Per­ma­nent Hair Re­moval Treat­ment). Though thread­ing is con­sid­ered to be slightly painful, it is easy can be done time to time and again at your near­est sa­lon. Peel-of wax­ing- the ace tem­po­rary so­lu­tion for say­ing good bye to un­wanted coat- pulls hair out form the very roots, de­lay­ing their re­growth. But for a treat­ment called In­tense Pulsed Light that is proven to be the fastest and most ef­fec­tive form of laser- sans any side ef­fects!

Q I have ex­tremely thin eye­brows. How do I make them look fuller?

– An­tara

A You may colour your brows with one shade lighter eye­brow pen­cil of your brow-hair colour. But re­mem­ber to do it in strokes in­stead of just draw­ing along the arc shape. A dark brown shade will en­dow you with a softer look. As an al­ter­na­tive, you may shadow your brows us­ing an An­gle Brow Brush. Fill in the colour with firm brush strokes for a nat­u­ral hazy look. If you want those de­fined set of brows for­ever with­out makeup, you may opt for Per­ma­nent Eye Brow Shap­ing at an ex­pert sa­lon. This process, which lasts for at least 15 years, will not only ac­cen­tu­ate your arcs but will also give you the con­fi­dence to gleam with pride for­ever.

Q Could you sug­gest a few must-have as well as long last­ing lip glosses?

– Shrad­dha

A To in­fuse an ul­tra-ur­ban al­lure into any look you just can’t do with­out a shim­mery lip gloss! Look for lip glosses which are thick and vis­cous in na­ture as they sel­dom bleed. Lip­balms and thin lip glosses should be avoided as they get licked away while eat­ing and drink­ing. If you rel­ish longer-last­ing sheen and glam­our on your lips, look for those kiss-proof glosses which come along with an easy-to-ap­ply brush for bet­ter ap­pli­ca­tion of ‘thick-in-den­sity’ liq­uid. Among my favourites are MAC Tinted Lip­glass, Chanel Levres Scin­til­lates Glos­simer, Dior Ad­dict Lip Max­i­mizer and Lakme Ab­so­lute Plump & Shine— all these are last­ing enough to make you glit­ter through­out.

Q Can you give me a few ath­ome tips for nude make-up?

– Navya

A Nude makeup is in great vogue nowa­days, as most celebs—both, na­tion­ally and in­ter­na­tion­ally—have been spot­ted wear­ing it. To start-off use a primer to prep your skin and add a sub­tle nat­u­ral ra­di­ance. Ditch your reg­u­lar foun­da­tion and opt for a tinted souf­flé as the base for your nude-do. Take an ounce and ap­ply ‘spread­ing-ly’ for a flaw­less face. Now, con­tinue with your eyes and de­fine you lash-line with a brown-hued lash joiner. This will give your eyes an all-nat­u­ral look—use it skip­ping your black liner. Fin­ish-off the eye makeup by dou­bly coat­ing your lashes with wa­ter­proof mas­cara that will open up your peep­ers. Now, ap­ply a gel-based cheek tint to in­fuse a nat­u­ral blush onto your face and de­fine your cheek bones with soft sheen high­lighter for that flaw­less touch. Get set to go by ap­ply­ing a light shade of lip-stain on your lips. Com­pared to lip­sticks, these stains come in con­ve­nient liq­uid ‘sketch pen’ form and hence are lib­eral and easy to ap­ply. Now, seal the look by ap­ply­ing your favourite lip gloss and get ready to mes­merise!

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