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With the grow­ing pol­lu­tion, hec­tic life­style and im­proper diet, your skin may show signs of age­ing much ear­lier than it ought to. DR RASHMI SHETTY tells you all that’s needed to keep your skin from sag­ging.

Hair - - The Focal Point - Dr Rashmi Shetty is a celebrity aes­thetic physi­cian and a lead­ing ex­pert on non-sur­gi­cal aes­thetic medicine. She prac­tises at her pri­vate clinic, Ra Skin and Aes­thet­ics in San­tacruz (Mumbai), and Reva Health & Skin (Hy­der­abad).

Skin un­der­goes changes from the very day you are born and so does the fa­cial struc­ture. Your skin changes from soft and rosy to acne-rid­den and dull, and fi­nally the fine lines and sag­ging skin make an ap­pear­ance. From your health, hor­mones, nu­tri­tion and life­style to the wind, pol­lu­tion and sun ex­po­sure, sev­eral fac­tors can lead to early age­ing of the skin.

What ex­actly is sag­ging of skin?

As we age, not just the skin but our bone frame­work changes, too. Well-de­fined ar­eas such as your jaw line and cheek bones soften up. Fat pads and mus­cles change, lead­ing to loose hang­ing skin with a de­flated look. The so­lu­tion lies in not just work­ing on the skin but from the bone out­wards; even your teeth adds to the frame of your face.

At what age does skin start to lose its elas­tic­ity?

You may start notic­ing it as early as 35. Lower face, in­ner arms, tummy and thighs are gen­er­ally af­fected.

What leads to early sag­ging of skin?

Rapid ex­ces­sive weight loss, in­ad­e­quate hy­dra­tion, poor ex­er­cise rou­tine and ex­ces­sive un­pro­tected sun ex­po­sure. Hav­ing zero fats in your diet, low pro­teins, no ex­er­cise, ex­ces­sive run­ning and work­ing un­der a high­pres­sure–low-hu­mid­ity am­biance are the wrong life­style prac­tices. Not us­ing sun­screen, ex­ces­sive scrub­bing with rough gran­ules and us­ing creams or pro­ce­dures that don’t suit your skin are the wrong sk­in­care prac­tices.

Any home reme­dies?

Mois­turise your skin well, ex­er­cise and use col­la­gen boost­ing creams such as Retin A. AHA, vi­ta­min C and other an­tiox­i­dant creams also help.

What are the cos­metic pro­ce­dures to fight it?

Hy­dra­tion and stim­u­la­tion of col­la­gen is the key. Platelet rich plasma, skin boost­ers, meso ther­apy with mi­cro needling, mi­cro needling with ra­dio fre­quency, etc are the pro­ce­dures used. You can do a ra­dio fre­quency pro­ce­dure such as thermage once in six to eight months. Meet an ex­pert and look for vo­lu­mis­ers or filler as op­tions to fill in the lost vol­ume and sup­port the skin.

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