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How de­lighted would you be if your skin got rid of dark spots and acne marks by it­self as you caught some beauty sleep? That’s ex­actly what Skeyn­dor’s Overnight Serum helps you do. The de-pig­men­ta­tion serum is de­signed to work on your skin through­out the night to help re­duce skin spots and acne marks. Its con­cen­trated for­mula com­pris­ing lac­tic acid, argi­nine, TGF-ß Biomimetic Pep­tide en­cap­su­lated in li­po­somes and Ami­noethylphos­phinic Acid helps ren­o­vate the epi­der­mis, uni­fy­ing the skin tone and soft­en­ing tiny skin flaws. The prod­uct is suit­able for all types of skin, par­tic­u­larly com­bi­na­tion and oilyskinned beau­ties.

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