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Your tarot card is ‘The Hiero­phant’ de­pict­ing a time to ex­per­i­ment. This month’s events guide you to­wards sit­u­a­tions that re­quire some­thing new from you. A change in your out­look and ap­pear­ance is on the cards in the form of a new style or a new colour. Some of you may de­cide to do away with old makeup buy­ing your­self oil-free ver­sions of foun­da­tion. You may also en­roll into a cook­ing/gar­den­ing course. Fi­nances are happy as in­vest­ments be­gin to pay off. Love life may need a help­ing hand as your part­ner may de­mand some qual­ity time with you.

Con­nect with an old friend or a old hobby to strengthen your emo­tional quo­tient.

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