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Your tarot card is ‘The Nine of Cups’ de­pict­ing a time of re-ar­range­ment. You crave more bal­ance be­tween work and play. Comfy pa­ja­mas may be in your shop­ping bag along with el­e­gant flow­ing kur­tas or dresses. The di­chotomy ex­tends also to your make-up as you go from the un­der­stated look to the bright and blingy. In­vest­ing in hair tongs and hair ac­ces­sories may be wise. Some of you may de­cide to learn scuba-div­ing or deep sea div­ing or even take off on a road trip. Fi­nances will be bright as loans taken from friends and fam­ily are re­turned. Love life is ex­cit­ing as many you meet will want your at­ten­tion.

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