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(For se­verely dam­aged d hair) Bi­o­lage Ad­vanced Re­pairin­sid­eairin­side is the first dual re­pair pro­fes­sional onal treat­ment from Ma­trix that acts both­oth from the inside and out­side of the he hair fi­bre. It is the ul­ti­mate re­con­struc­tive uc­tive hair­care range for dam­aged hair r with for­mu­lae de­signed and tested specif­i­cally pecif­i­cally for In­dian hair. It brings to­gether ether the good­ness of na­ture withh soya oil and the power of molec­u­lar r sci­ence with Argi­nine. Soya oil helps to re­store e the cu­ti­cle shield of the hair from the he out­side. It re­fills de­pleted lipids and seals split-ends to build a pro­tec­tive otec­tive layer shield­ing against fu­ture dam­age. Argi­nine pen­e­trates into o the cor­tex to help re­con­struct dam­agedged pro­teins from the inside. It re­con­struct­snstructs hair at the in­tra-cel­lu­lar lev­ell and builds ker­atin, the main pro­teinn of hair. The ser­vices con­sist of a com­pre­hen­sive set of in-salon n-salon treat­ments and home care prod­ucts with a 3600 ac­tion that re­con­structs and re­pairs the en­tire strand trand of dam­aged hair. The home me care range con­sists of a re­pair­ing sham­poo, con­di­tioner & re­pair­ing leave-in cream.

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