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Reg­u­lar man­i­cures at home or in the salon are a treat. Mois­turise your hands reg­u­larly. Ex­fo­li­ate and mois­turise your feet, too, es­pe­cially around the heels. Don’t ne­glect your toe nails! Keep your pedis sim­ple — evenly filed and painted a pretty colour, or buffed to per­fec­tion. For your lips, use an ap­pro­pri­ate lip care prod­uct with an SPF 15 ev­ery day. If you are con­sid­er­ing cos­metic pro­ce­dures such as Bo­tox, laser or fillers, plan them much in ad­vance and only on doc­tor’s ad­vice. Follow a nu­tri­tious and bal­anced diet and drink at least eight glasses of wa­ter in a day. Ex­er­cise reg­u­larly and re­main as stress-free as pos­si­ble.

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