Hair - - Flavour Of The Month -

Your tarot card is ‘The Her­mit’, de­pict­ing a month of mun­dane work that you need to spruce up. From med­i­ta­tion and yoga, to a few colour­ful streaks in your hair or braids—add a touch of drama and hap­pi­ness to your look. Your crown­ing glory is your pride and some of you may suf­fer from split ends or dry hair that needs a de-tan­gling con­di­tioner. Wear­ing your hair straight down/up in a neat bun will give it a feel­ing of vol­ume and bounce. Pink, pur­ple and shades of green suit you as you look to shop for blouses, trousers and skirts. The em­ployed will re­ceive a pro­mo­tion/wage hike. Love life is bliss­ful.

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