Do­ing it the French way

Hair - - Colour Splash -

Glit­tery nail pol­ishes are eas­ily avail­able and this is one of the eas­i­est styles to cre­ate. You can go with the usual clear pol­ish with a slight twist. Sim­ply paint the tips with a glitter pol­ish once the clear pol­ish dries, and you have a glit­tery French man­i­cure. This style is also very easy to re­move as only a lit­tle amount of glitter is used. Glit­terati Top Coat from Color­bar can work just per­fectly for this nail art style. If clear pol­ish isn’t your thing, you can al­ways re­place it with a light shade that com­ple­ments the colour of the glitter you in­tend to use.

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