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That pre­cau­tion is bet­ter than cure is a phrase that needs no val­i­da­tion. Here’s how you must prep your skin just right for the gru­elling party sea­son ahead: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: One can­not em­pha­sise on this point enough! It’s a cliché for a rea­son. Drink­ing plenty of wa­ter both be­fore and after par­ty­ing will help re­plen­ish the de­creas­ing mois­ture lev­els in your skin. Be­fore go­ing to a party or event, drink a cup of green tea as it will help re­duce your ap­petite. Al­ways or­der a cup of wa­ter when or­der­ing an al­co­hol bev­er­age as the wa­ter will help re-hydrate your sys­tem and skin. The rule of thumb is one glass of wa­ter for ev­ery glass of al­co­hol. Be­fore go­ing to bed, you guessed it, drink a glass of wa­ter.

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