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For those who are out of ideas on what nail art to do, you can try this. In a small bowl of wa­ter, add a few drops of ran­dom colours and stir slightly (Re­mem­ber: you don’t have to mix the colours en­tirely, just pro­duce kalei­do­scopic de­signs). Then cover your fin­ger with tape leav­ing just the nail, so that only the nail gets the pol­ish and your fin­gers re­main mess-free. This tech­nique will take a lit­tle while longer to dry, but in turn gives you a new de­sign on ev­ery fin­ger! Re­mem­ber to not use too much of wa­ter as it will make the pol­ish too wa­tery and will not bring the de­sired ef­fect.

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