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This Shoul­der Stand Pose is very pop­u­lar thanks to its nu­mer­ous health ben­e­fits. It helps in bet­ter func­tion­ing of the thy­roid gland, pu­ri­fy­ing blood and helps con­trol hair loss and pre­ma­ture grey­ing of the hair.

Lie down on a mat with the chest fac­ing up and ex­hale. In­hal­ing slowly, lift your legs un­til they are at a 90 de­gree an­gle with the floor. Now ex­hale and si­mul­ta­ne­ously raise your waist while push­ing your legs up­wards. Use your hands to sup­port your waist. Hold the asana for 30-60 sec­onds while breath­ing nor­mally. Ex­hale slowly, bend the knees, curve the back and slowly re­turn to the ly­ing po­si­tion.

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