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Be­cause it’s a ne­ces­sity and you al­ways mis­place those ex­pen­sive balms. Hav­ing one you made your­self will make you value it more! Since it tastes and smells great, you’ll also end up tak­ing or­ders for your friends.


Ed­i­ble shim­mer dust and 15 drops grape­fruit es­sen­tial oil along with 1 tbsp each of beeswax pel­lets, shea but­ter, co­conut oil and sweet al­mond oil


Mi­crowave the beeswax, but­ter, co­conut and al­mond oil; add grape­fruit es­sen­tial oil and ed­i­ble shim­mer dust to the liq­uid. Blend well and let it cool. The shim­mer dust will add a tinge of colour and shine. Use tiny pots or tins to store them. You can re­place the grape­fruit oil with any other es­sen­tial oil or a com­bi­na­tion of a cou­ple, to get a dif­fer­ent flavour of lip balm.

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