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Those who are picky about fa­cial creams will know that the same mois­turiser for the face will not work well enough on the del­i­cate skin around the eyes. This is where the Eter­nal Icy Eye Cream comes in. To be ap­plied on the eye ye con­tour area, this cream is en­riched ched with plant-ori­gin stem cell li­po­somes ipo­somes and is re­in­forced with pure wa­ter li­po­somes from Swiss glaciers. This ef­fec­tively works on epi­der­mal pi­der­mal stem cells, making themm pro­duce a greater amount of the vi­tal der­mal sub­stance. Its re­sults are re vis­i­ble on dull skin, wrin­kles and flac­cid skin around the eyes. How to use? Af­ter gen­er­al­neral cleans­ing, ap­ply a thin layer of cream with a gen­tle out­wards s mas­sage.

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